Sweet Containment

As of this morning, the two fires that were closest to us have been contained. The fire the most directly threatens us now is the Slide Fire, which is completely out of control and burning its way through Arrowhead and Running Springs and advancing on Highland. However, that’s about 23 miles away and that’s a heck of a lot easier to fathom than a fire being closer then my Walmart. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers, but there’s a lot of people out here in a world of hurt who could use them more so keep thinking of them. Still extremely smoky, but the wind has died down. I am currently not on fire. Further updates as flammability warrants.

Slowly roasting in SoCal

My backyard has a very nice view of the San Bernadino Mountains, which is normally a tranquil scene. Currently it looks like Mordor. Wildfires in the mountains continue to rage. The most tangible effect for me is the air quality, which is somewhat akin to standing directly your bbq if say you were cooking….forests. House smells like smoke, dogs smell like smoke, I smell like smoke. It’s smoky is what I’m trying to convey.

I Return

I make my triumphant blog return in the midst of smoke and flame! As I sit in my new office in LLU’s Medical Center, I can see…nothing, really. Wildfires in the mountains have caused a giant cloud of smoke to descend on the campus. We’re apparently in no real danger, but sitting in the midst of what is at this hour the top story on the AP news wire, caused me to get off my butt (metaphorically, because let’s face it…I don’t move much) and put something up on my blog, which I’m now connecting to my facebook page. The Santa Ana winds were blowing up to 80 mph and have knocked a good portion of my roof into my front yard (ah the joys of renting) and hot and dry conditions have kind of created a perfect storm for fires. It’s worst up near Big Bear and down in San Diego, but we’re getting our fair share of soot and ash at the foothills. Should I at any time actually burst into flame, be assured I will blog up until second degree burns.

Hell Week Ends!

For the first time in over a month I feel like I can breathe again. Working in a University in May is like working Walmart in December. Non-stop stress and work (the OT was nice, but not THAT nice) and I am glad to be back to my normal routine, which consists of trying to decide which angry rock band to listen to on my ipod while I edit things for professors. Got my bro coming in from Richmond tomorrow, and I’m psyched to see him. Heading up to Magic Mountain on Saturday, assuming we’re not imprisoned for something involving fire by then. Should be posting more regularly and the movie site will get going again. This last month is just a black hole in my memory. I lived through it. Time to breathe again.

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