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My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 (2016) “Twilight of an Apprentice”

When Star Wars Clone Wars began way back when, one of the most annoying inclusions (and a seeming continuation of the kiddification that drove fans nuts with some of the prequels) was giving Anakin a whippersnapper of a padawan named Ahsoka Tano.  All credit to Dave Filoni and six seasons of Clone Wars and two of Rebels gradually grew Ahsoka into one of my favorite characters on the show, and her re-emergence in Rebels as an adult and a founder of the The Rebellion has been absolute brilliance.  But in that, there’s been a sense of dread, because it seemed inevitable when Ahsoka returned that there was going to be a reckoning and that it wasn’t going to go well for her.  SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for season two of Rebels if you haven’t seen it…..probably should have lead with that. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 (2016) “Twilight of an Apprentice”

Star Wars: Rebels – 37 Episodes in 3 Minutes to Prep for Season 3!!!

If you’ve missed the first two seasons of Star Wars Rebels, you’ve missed a truly epic continuation of the Clone Wars series.  Rebels is laying out exactly how the Rebellion came to be, who were the players, and what happened to some of our favorite characters from the prequels (c’mon, you have some) whose fates were left unclear.  Season Two just hit blu ray, and if you don’t have time to catch up before tomorrow’s Season 3 premiere, here’s a rundown of what’s happened to Ezra & Co.  37 episodes boiled down to 3 minutes. For those Star Wars fans who have been in a coma since Celebration, this season will see the introduction into the new canon of one of (if not THE) favorite character from the old Star Wars EU: Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Season three of Star Wars Rebels will premiere tomorrow, September 24, 2016, on Disney XD.

Star Wars Rebels, Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn is Back!!! Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Trailer & New Timothy Zahn Novel Announced!

We expected news to come out of this weekend’s Star Wars Fan Celebration in London, and we haven’t been disappointed.  From the Rogue One sizzle reel and poster (c’mon, let us all see the new trailer!!!), to new details about this December’s live-action film, we’ve also gotten new details about the novels that will lead up to Rogue One, and a very big one coming in 2017 tying into the Star Wars Rebels panel.  First of all, if you have not seen the end of season two, the rest of this may get into spoilers and the trailer definitely will, so be warned. Continue reading Grand Admiral Thrawn is Back!!! Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Trailer & New Timothy Zahn Novel Announced!

Trailer Time: Star Wars – Rebels Season 2 Finale “Twilight of an Apprentice”

Lucasfilm has released the first teaser for the “Star Wars Rebels” finale, which will air as a special one-hour episode, March 30 on Disney XD.

The teaser for the episode, titled “Twilight of the Apprentice,” follows the history of Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker — Ahsoka’s former Jedi mentor and close friend, as chronicled on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” — before the two go head-to-head on opposing sides in the “Rebels” finale.

Maybe Dave Filoni and company have something to surprise us, but it seems to me that this is the inevitable end to yet another tragic aspect of Vader’s character.  Ahsoka was incredibly annoying when she debuted, but as the Clone Wars series grew, she grew on viewers and seeing her as a founder of the Rebellion has been an incredibly clever way to use the character to enrich the universe.  But we knew this day was going to come.  There’s no Ahsoka around when Episode IV hits, and we always knew Vader was going to sever one of the last ties to Anakin’s life.  Hope I’m wrong.  Know I’m not.
Star Wars Rebels

Trailer Time: Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Mid-Season Trailer (2016 – Disney XD)

Season Two’s midseason trailer is beyond epic, showing that Rebels is truly knitting The Clone Wars with the Original Trilogy as Princess Leia (not voiced by Carrie Fisher I’m guessing due to the fact that 40 years of smoking lowered her voice 9 octaves between Episode IV and now), Yoda and the continued spectre of Darth Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones) make appearances.  What we’re really seeing here is how the Rebel Alliance came together as a unified group from the cells that operated in secret in season one.

Who would have thought that when Ahsoka was introduced as Anakin’s annoying padawan way back in the Clone Wars Movie that we’d build to the final promised confrontation between a disaffected Jedi exile and The Dark Lord of the Sith?  Oh and it looks like Kylo Ren isn’t the only one with a crossaber.  This show is really hitting its stride and all Star Wars fans should be onboard.  Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD  this Wednesday, January 20th, at 9pm.

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