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17 New Arrow Season 3 Pictures and a New Villain Cast

My favorite show on network TV, Arrow, returns October 8th at 8 p.m. on The CW.  The second season is out on Blu Ray, so there’s no excuse not to be ready to go for the best live-action thing DC has ever done aside from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

The big bad for season three has already been Ras ‘al Ghul, something the show has been building to slowly for two years, but today Nick Taraby was cast as Digger Harkness.  That would be Captain Boomerang, who is a FLASH villain.  My guess is either it’s part of a crossover event between Arrow and Flash or Ollie & Co will be dealing with Digger during one of his stints on Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.  Drink in the Starling City goodness.  TV IS RETURNING TO SAVE US FROM THE MOVIES!!! Continue reading 17 New Arrow Season 3 Pictures and a New Villain Cast

Trailer Time: Arrow Season 3 Trailer #2; PLUS Ra’s al Ghul Has Been Cast

While Arrow battles it out atop the “What’s the Best Show on TV?” poll, the series has released a new trailer for the show’s third season.  We all knew, after hearing rumblings during the first two seasons, that one day Ra’s al Ghul was coming to Starling City.  Liam Neeson, who portrayed the villain in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, said last week that he would have been willing to reprise the character in a heartbeat.  So Arrow producers went and cast former professional rugby player Matt Nable (he also was in Riddick….so there’s that).  You know what?  At this point, Arrow has so earned my trust that I’m going to go along with it even though seeing Neeson as Ghul again would have been a geeky dream come true.  Look for al Ghul to make his first appearance in the season’s third episode.  Arrow returns to the CW on October 8th.Ra's al Ghul, Arrow, Matt Nable

Trailer Time: Arrow Season 3 Comic Con Trailer (The CW – 2014)

The Comic Con news is flying fast and furious.  DC has released the first trailer for season 3 of Arrow and if you aren’t watching this show…well then you’re just not trying very hard.  Black Canary’s return, The Atom, Amanda Waller, Red Arrow and big shake-ups on Ollie’s team look in store for our return to Starling City.  Arrow returns October 8, 2014 on The CW.
Arrow, Green Arrow, Stephen Amell

Roy Harper’s New Costume for Arrow Season 3

It’s about time! After making Roy run around in a hoodie for over a season, he’s finally upgrading to either his Arsenal or Red Arrow persona for Arrow season 3 as we can see in this photo courtesy of EW.
Arrow, Red Arrow, Arsenal, Roy Harper

Brandon Routh is Cast as The Atom/Ray Palmer and Joins the Cast of Arrow


My favorite Superman movie is Superman Returns.  I’ve never understood the hate for the film, and I think it’s a freaking shame Brandon Routh is the George Lazenby of Supermans (obscure Bond joke check).  I’m excited to see him joining my favorite broadcast show, Arrow, and expanding this wonderful TV DC Universe they’ve been building.  Ray Palmer/The Atom is a very cool character that I’m sure Routh will make his own just as he did Superman….and the Vegan Boyfriend in Scott Pilgrim.  More on the casting below from Coming Soon. Continue reading Brandon Routh is Cast as The Atom/Ray Palmer and Joins the Cast of Arrow