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Top 10: Batman Animated Movies

In the endless debate over “Who is the best Batman?” a strong case can be made for someone most people have never seen: Kevin Conroy.  Conroy has been the voice of Batman since Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s, though all subsequent appearances of the character in the various Justice League series, and in the majority of Batman’s animated films (beginning with Batman: Mask of the Phantasm in 1993).  Conroy also voiced the character in the Batman Arkham video games, without a doubt, the best comic book video games ever made.

IGN has put together a list of the best of Batman’s animated exploits (most of which have been voiced by Conroy), and his batting average in animation is at least as good (if not much better) than his success rate in live-action films.  My favorites are Phantasm, Sub-Zero, and Under the Red Hood, but which of Batman’s animated adventures are your favorites?  What did you think of IGN’s list?

Batman: The Animated Series

75 Years of Batman Short by Bruce Timm & Darwyn Cooke from WonderCon

Premiering at WonderCon is this amazing short animated by Darwyn Cooke, written by Bruce Timm.  It brings Batman and Batman Beyond together and unites the best of the voice and writing talent behind Batman Beyond and Batman The Animated Series: two of the best showcases for the character in its 75 years of existence.  Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Incredible Batman Beyond Art by James Zapata

I had a lot of problems with Batman Beyond when it premiered. Mostly because I have problems whenever it’s not Bruce in the batsuit, but over a decade, the universe has built a very deep mythology and niche for itself in the Bat canon. This portrait of, what appears to be, a mature Terry McGuiness in an evolved version of the suit is stunning. Please go visit the artist’s website (www.jameszapata.com) and check out his work. This is stellar. If Warner Brothers is smart (this is a pause for hilarious laughter), they’d realize a Batman Beyond franchise offers them a whole lot more wiggle room than operating in the current DCU. I’d be there on day one for a live action movie.