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Mysterious 5th Season Game of Thrones Site Appears

three-eyed-ravenWith the fifth season of the acclaimed HBO series on the way in 2015, “Game of Thrones” has just launched a mysterious promotional site, ThreeEyedRaven.com. Presumably teasing the upcoming episodes, the series’ official Twitter feed posted the link.

Now, if you register with the site you will be shown a short video that does seem to contain all-new content.  I’m being really vague here because the people who are going to go nuts are already registering at the site and those who haven’t caught up yet are screaming at the monitors.  Game of Thrones will return sometime in 2015 on HBO.

TV Review: Game of Thrones 4.05 “First of His Name” *SPOILERS*

game of thrones

Our long national geek nightmare is over!  Game of Thrones has returned for 10 weeks of fantasy awesomeness and this is the fifth installment in our lively talk-backs and reviews of each episode.  A warning, and the only one before we dive in, this column is specifically for people watching the show live week-by-week so if you don’t want spoilers, don’t continue. Continue reading TV Review: Game of Thrones 4.05 “First of His Name” *SPOILERS*