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My Favorite Scene: Breaking Bad Season 5 (2013) “Say. My. Name.” *Series Spoilers*

I just got finished re-watching Breaking Bad from pilot to finale, and – I have to say – this is the most consistently good, well-plotted show I’ve ever seen.  It’s not my favorite, though it’s up there, but in terms of NEVER being off, this show is just stellar.  It’s the first TV show to get two seasons honored in this column (Season 4 here).  DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP IF YOU AREN’T AT SEASON FIVE YET!  I’d feel horrible ruining ….what I can’t mention.  Breaking Bad is really a long series of consequences to some incredibly poor decisions.  By season five, Walt has made the full journey from mild-mannered chem teacher to Heisenberg the Drug Lord.  Not many actors could pull this scene off, but Cranston’s acting during the entire series is so good that I can’t give it enough words of praise.  Perfect show.  Great scene.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you have your Netflix assignment for the week.Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad Season 4, Meth, Bryan Cranston, AMC, Aaron Paul, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad Final Episodes: “Remember My Name”

AMC, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad Season 5.5, Walter White, Bryan Cranston, meth

I’m including the teaser that AMC released last week along with a new promotional poster that came out.  I would now put the odds of Walter getting out of all of this alive at .0004%  Breaking Bad is one of the most suspenseful, tense shows ever made.  I cannot imagine how this is going to play out, but this is NOT going to end well for anyone involved.  Given how things have gone and the choices made, I don’t know that it should.  My favorite episode is the fly in the lab with Jesse and Walter trying to kill a fly for 44 minutes.  It’s one of those great character building episodes where you just stick your main characters in a room for a whole show and something as simple as a fly can lay them both bare for the audience.  My favorite moment is the speech Walter gives Walter Jr. about how his father and how he can barely remember him.  I’ve tried to find it on YouTube (if anyone has a link, send it), but just the mastery of Bryan Cranston’s acting is dumbfounding.  He deserves every honor he’s gotten.  New episodes leading to THE END begin airing on AMC on August 11th.