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Movie Review: Captain America – Civil War (2016) *Marvel Outdoes Themselves*

Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man, Captain America

Issue, ahem, film #13 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and the first of Phase 3) is Captain America: Civil War.  This is going to be my very best attempt at a spoiler-free review, but here’s what you need to know in a nugget: go, you will not be disappointed, and you do not know anything you think you do from the trailers.  In a 2.5-hour super hero epic that is the pinnacle of everything Marvel’s been doing right for the last eight years, Marvel flips its universe on its head, introduces Black Panther, fixes Spider-Man, does justice to every character it uses and only leaves you wanting the next installment.  I am not sure if Civil War is the best MCU film, but that’s only because I have no distance from it yet.  I’m not sure if it’s the best movie of the year because there’s another pretty flawless film in The Jungle Book to weigh it against.  But to walk out of the biggest film of the summer with those as really my only problems is not a problem at all. Continue reading Movie Review: Captain America – Civil War (2016) *Marvel Outdoes Themselves*