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Woody Harrelson’s 10 Best Movies

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is incredibly underrated as one of the most versatile and talented dramatic and comedic actors of his generation, both on the big and small screens.  In 1985, Cheers faced a casting crisis when beloved actor Nicholas Colasanto died.  To replace him behind the bar, they cast an unknown young Woody Harrelson who only went on to be Emmy nominated six times for playing Woody Boyd: Cheers‘ clueless and lovable little brother.  But in the 25 years since Cheers‘ end, Harrelson has put together one of the most impressive resumes of any actor working.  His range is astounding: from goofball to serial killer to an impressive series of military and law enforcement characters (both good and evil) and back again to goofball.  There are some performers for whom it’s a struggle to put together 10 pieces of work and an honorable mention.  Woody could have had a whole second list, and he’s only continuing to get better. Continue reading Woody Harrelson’s 10 Best Movies


Top 10 TV Thanksgiving Episodes

While Thanksgiving gets the short shrift at the movie theater, almost every TV show of worth has a classic thanksgiving episode. Continue reading Top 10 TV Thanksgiving Episodes

My Favorite Scene: Cheers Season Five – “Thanksgiving Food Fight”

I know I probably should save this for Thanksgiving, but for some reason it was in my head today and it just makes me smile and I wanted to pass that along.  Picking a favorite scene from any season of Cheers is tough (I mean, this is the season where Diane leaves and there’s the iconic good-bye at the end of the year), but this is probably my favorite scene in the whole show.  It’s just utterly stupid and joyful and I never get tired of watching Diane take a whap of mashed potatoes to the face, and the closest we get to seeing Norm’s wife in the whole show…just a pie away.
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Top 5: TV Episodes of All-Time (Comedy Edition)

Last time we looked at the top 5 dramatic episodes and this time we’ll tackle the top 5 comedic episodes of all-time. In many ways, this is much harder. TV as a medium for telling dramatic stories, was largely a failure until the last three decades (with a few exceptions). TV has always, however, been a showcase for comedy. It’s a better format than film for comedy. Try to think of 20 comedic films that sustain the level of comedy expected in a top sitcom through the entirety of their running time. It’s hard. Even really good film comedies have dry spots or parts where the plot turns dramatic. TV episodes run 22-24 minutes and it’s a much better forum for that type of storytelling. So, I’m sure that I’m forgetting crucial eps, but these are my favorite five. I may have to do another list for favorite dramedy episodes, because sometimes a sitcom (MASH comes particularly to mind) will have a serious episode that challenges anything on the drama list, but let’s stick to the funny for now.
1. “Chuckles Bites the Dust”, The Mary Tyler Moore Show
2. “Coast to Coast Big Mouth”, The Dick Van Dyke Show
3. “Over the River and Through the Woods”, The Bob Newhart Show
4. “Thanksgiving Orphans”, Cheers
5. “The Dundees”, The Office