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Movie Review: Dark Horse (2016) *The Welsh Miracle*

Dark Horse, Dream Alliance

Nothing too long here, just a quick review, for a short movie that I’m sure most people will miss.  Dark Horse isn’t the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen, but I don’t normally even watch documentaries so that alone should recommend the movie.  Americans love underdogs.  We are underdogs. In a relatively young nation, our national mythology is the underdog.  It plays into our beliefs, our political system (as it SHOULD work), our work ethic, and-though shaken-our ability to dream.  Our national opinion is that anything should be possible.  I know it hasn’t felt like that in a while.  But for a big nation, we’ve always liked the little guy.  We’ve always believed in long shots, and in the world of horse racing, Dream Alliance makes Seabiscuit look like a thoroughbred. Continue reading Movie Review: Dark Horse (2016) *The Welsh Miracle*