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My Favorite Scene: The Godfather Part III (1990) “Just When I Thought I Was Out”

Just as The Godfather Part II was a pioneer in showing what a sequel could do in terms of equalling (in some minds surpassing) the original film, The Godfather Part III is one of the first instances of what is all-too-common now: an unnecessary franchise film.  Made 16 years after the second installment, the ground The Godfather Part III treads is unnecessary to fleshing out Michael’s character.  If you take the trilogy as a whole, I think it diminishes Michael’s story arc to see him in his dotage trying to avoid damnation while being dragged back to his true nature.  The second film showed the consequences of his choices without having to check back in on him as a senior citizen.

Making the film in the first place was a misstep, but Coppola made an even bigger one when in the most famous case of film nepotism he cast his daughter Sofia as Michael’s daughter when Winona Ryder had to drop out of the film.  Though she’s proven to be a chip off the block in the directing department, Sofia is not an actress and her painful inability to act robs the plodding film of what should be its most poignant moment.  What IS unforgettable and iconic about the film is Al Pacino’s monologue about being dragged back into the real family business.  Pacino’s made a career out of iconic monologues, and whatever your other problems with the third Godfather, no one can deny the greatness of this scene.Al Pacino in The Godfather Part III


My Favorite Scene: The Godfather (1972) “An Unholy Baptism”

Picking a single scene from The Godfather is a matter of personal choice, because it is-without a doubt-a perfect motion picture.  There are 40 scenes you could make an argument for, and I’ve written an article where I picked the five best (and it was still impossible to choose).  The film chronicles Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino) descent from the one good son in a mafia family to a cunning monster.

There are lots of moments when you can say Michael crossed the Rubicon, but the moment you realize the depths of evil to which he can sinks is when he has every threat to his mob ascendency assassinated during the baptism of his godson (whose father he also has killed).  The scene is a disturbing juxtaposition of the rite of baptism in a holy setting with the unholy tide of murders, edited with intensity and brilliance.  The scene is one of the best edited sequences in film history and The Godfather’s culmination of Michael’s Luciferian fall from grace.The Godfather

Movie Review: Finding Dory (2016) *What Would Dory Do?*


Pixar’s transformation from immortally impeccable studio to mere animation firm has a lot of reasons, but the most pressing among them is the sequelization of their earlier hits.  The Good Dinosaur managed to be awful on its own, but Monsters University was-at best-average and Cars 2 we shall not speak of.  I SAID WE SHALL NOT SPEAK OF IT!  These sequels were done, after Toy Story managed a perfect trilogy; two sequels that didn’t diminish Pixar’s first film and most iconic characters, but built on it, expanded their world and deepened the audience’s bond with Woody, Buzz & Co. (yes, I know they’re making Toy Story 4, but for the purposes of this introductory paragraph it harshes my rhetorical groove).  So which would Finding Dory be?  Thirteen years after Finding Nemo, would Dory make things better or worse for its corner of Pixardom?  Happily, I can say that Finding Dory is a Pixar classic that pairs perfectly with its predecessor. Continue reading Movie Review: Finding Dory (2016) *What Would Dory Do?*

Trailer Time: Finding Dory Trailer #3 (2016) *Just Keep Swimming…*

Finding Dory is nearly upon us.  Disney, which I’m pretty sure is going to take a rare bath on Alice Through the Looking-Glass, will regain its creepy death grip on the top of the box office with Pixar’s sequel to Finding Nemo.  Dory has recalled she has a family and sets off with her clown fish accomplices to find them.  Hijinks ensue.  I really am rooting for this.  The Good Dinosaur was so awful that I need a Pixar home run to get back on their side (especially since Cars 3 is looming).  Andrew Stanton has never made a bad animated film, and Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory is one of my three favorite Pixar characters so I’ll be there when the film opens June 17, 2016.
Finding Dory

Trailer Time: Finding Dory Trailer #2 (2016) *She’s Going Home!*

*Text from Geek Tyrant
Disney has released a new trailer for Pixar’s upcoming film Finding Dory, which as most of you already know is a sequel to Finding Nemo. The sequel will be released 13 years after Finding Nemo, but the story itself picks up only six months after the events from the first film when Dory suddenly starts to remember certain things about her life. In the trailer, these memories first start to manifest themselves in her sleep, and she starts sleep swimming.
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