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Ryan Gosling’s 10 Best Movies

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is finally moving from mostly indie films into the big time, and over the last five years has been an integral part of some of the best films produced.  Gosling’s talent stretches from comedy (The Nice Guys, Crazy Stupid Love) to hard drama (Half-Nelson, The Ides of March) to action (Blade Runner 2049) and even song and dance (La La Land).  Gosling’s dedication to his roles is such that he learned to play the piano for La La Land.  With Blade Runner 2049’s critical success, Gosling can really do whatever he wants and join the elite ranks of Hollywood’s leading men.

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Fan Made Poster Art for Tron Legacy, Indy, District 9, The Prestige and More

These fantastic movie posters was created by artist Tony Enriquez. The posters include Tron: Legacy, Looper, Indiana Jones, The Prestige, District 9, 3:10 to Yuma, and Wreck it Ralph,   Movie posters can be such cool art and, in this case, most of these are better than the ones the studio used.
Tron Legacy 3:10 to Yuma Drive tumblr_mqqlswVdVi1s5sb7wo1_1280 Looper The Prestige Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones District 9