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Edge of Tomorrow Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details


Edge of Tomorrow, one of the few movies this summer that lived up to expectations will be hitting Blu Ray and DVD on October 7th.  The details on all the goodies included are below courtesy of Warner Brothers.  This is one I’ll definitely add to the KT Vault of Blu Rays (which could use an actual vault at this point). Continue reading Edge of Tomorrow Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details

POLL RESULTS: What’s the Best Film of 2014’s First Half?

The KT Community has spoken and downed out what would have been my two choices with a deciding mutant majority.  The community has anointed X-Men Days of Future Past the best film of the first half of 2014.  This was really only ever a two-horse race, though every film received some votes, Captain America The Winter Soldier was the only other film in the same zip code as Bryan Singer’s x-epic.  Rounding out the top 5 were: The LEGO Movie, Edge of Tomorrow and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I liked X-Men DOFP, but I thought it was way too short for the amount of story it was trying to cram into its running time.  If you felt the fame, you’ll be happy to know that Bryan Singer (already hard at work on X-Men: Apocalypse) says that there will be a director’s cut of the film.  THAT is the film I really want to see, but we had a record turnout for this vote and Days of Future Past is the Community’s Best Film of 2014’s First Half.  Look for a new poll in the next week where we will settle more issues of global importance.
Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America, Steve Rogers, Chris Evans

REMINDER: What’s the Best Film of 2014’s First Half? VOTE!

This week is the last week to vote in this month’s poll where we’re deciding what the KT Community’s pick for the best film of 2014’s first half was.  It’s a shame Dawn of the Planet of the Apes didn’t come out 11 days earlier or it could have made this an even more interesting race.  As it is, though, all the films up for consideration have received votes and voting during the last week has shaken up many a poll.  You can vote on the homepage at https://justkillingti.me.

POLL: What’s the Best Film of 2014’s First Half?

Hard though it may be to belive, today 2014 is half over.  This has been, through the first two months of the summer movie season, a year with two perfect films, a handful of good films, and mostly disappointing films.  A lot of times film years can be extremely mediocre and then turn it on with a fantastic fall.  Two years ago we had a year that was just this bad through the summer, but we hit September and every week we had something fantastic through the end of the year.  Looking at the release schedule going forward, I want to believe that’s possible….but I’m not seeing it on paper.  Out of the films we have had, though, which has been your favorite?  I’ve compiled this list through a combination of box office stats and Rotten Tomato ratings so blame RT or America if your movie didn’t make the list.  You can vote here or on the homepage at https://justkillingti.me.  We’ll let this stand for two or three weeks and see which film won 2014’s first half.

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) *Spoilers*

Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise

Groundhog Day on D-Day.  That’s essentially the conceit behind Doug Liman’s new sci-fi epic Edge of Tomorrow.  The world has been invaded by alien beings called Mimics.  They are ripping through humanity’s defenses like tissue paper.  As the film begins, we’re on the eve of an all-out offensive across the English Channel to try to take back Europe with all the firepower humanity can throw against it.

Tom Cruise’s character, Major Gates, is a PR man.  He was an advertising guru who got drafted and has been serving as a pitchman for the war effort.  Until he’s ordered to get a front-row seat to humanity’s effort and join the assault across the Channel.  Gates runs like hell, is captured and wakes up at the staging area for the invasion.

The invasion is a disaster.  The enemy knew we were coming.  Everyone on the beach dies within five minutes, including Gates who dies sticking a Claymore into a particularly huge Mimic.  Then he wakes up the morning of the invasion. Continue reading Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) *Spoilers*