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Trailer Time: Daredevil Season Two Trailer #3 (2016 – Netfilx) “This Isn’t Your City Anymore!”

Netflix has released part two of their megatrailer for season two of Daredevil, and I’ve included the first part so you can watch the entire epic unfold.  Whereas the first trailer was Punisher-centric with Jon Bernthal, part two is Elektra-centric featuring Elodie Yung’s take on the assassin and offering an overall look at where season two may be taking us.


It seems that the Yakuza, which figured into season one, are-in fact-The Hand, as they were hinted to be.  They look like the season’s ultimate Big Bad, which explains Elektra’s presence and the return of Stick (Scott Glenn) and perhaps others from his order.  The Punisher looks like he’ll be a fly in the ointment the whole season, and Team DD seems to be developing some friction.  I mean, they didn’t really sign up for a full on ninja war.  But, holy cow, how much fun is it going to be to binge watch this next installment in the dark corners of the MCU when Netflix puts season two up on March 18th?  Answer: a lot more fun than waiting in line for Batman vs. Superman that day.
Daredevil, Matt Murdock, Charlie Cox


Trailer Time: Daredevil Season 2 Teaser #2 (2016 – Netflix) *Your Work Is Not Yet Done*

Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen. Now the Man Without Fear must take on a new adversary in Frank Castle and face an old flame – Elektra Natchios.

Bigger problems emerge when Frank Castle, a man looking for vengeance, is reborn as The Punisher, a man who takes justice into his own hands in Matt’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, Matt must balance his duty to his community as a lawyer and his dangerous life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, facing a life-altering choice that forces him to truly understand what it means to be a hero.

The new 13 episode second season is officially set to premiere on March 18th, 2016. The series stars Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Matt Gerald, Jon Bernthal, Rosario Dawson, Elodie Yung, Scott Glen, and Stephen Rider.
Daredevil Season 2, Daredevil

Daredevil Season 2 Picture Gallery Released by Netflix

Daredevil, Daredevil Season 2, Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock

Netflix and Entertainment Weekly have released several new looks at The Man Without Fear in his upcoming second season.  We know both The Punisher and Elektra will be thrown into the mix.  It also appears from the cast list, that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will not be returning this season.  That’s extremely disappointing, but perhaps it’s to set up Elektra this season and then bring both Kingpin and Bullseye in for season three and DD’s most classic tale.  No official release date for the second season, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t April 2016 like season one.

marvel-releases-first-official-photos-from-daredevil-season-21 Daredevil Season 2

Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel’s Daredevil
Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel’s Daredevil
Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel’s Daredevil
Marvel's Daredevil
Marvel’s Daredevil


G.I. JOE 3 Already in Works



We really only have ourselves to blame.  After handily winning this weekend’s box office with $51.7 million, Paramount is already planning GI JOE 3.  I think I made my thoughts pretty clear in my review, but short of a complete reboot with  a script written by someone who has even a tenuous grasp on this world and these characters, I shall not be suckered again.  No matter how cool Snake Eyes is.

Which, for the record, is off-the-charts freaking awesome.

Movie Review: G.I. JOE: Retaliation (2013)

".....(head nod)....."
“…..(head nod)…..”

No, Joe……Just….just no.

They did it to me again.  I swore after sitting through the first GI Joe, which was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, they’d never get me into the second film.  Then they went and showed that ninja fight on the cliffside and my inner 8-year old (who makes most of my decisions) decided I had to go.

Let’s start with what was good because it’s not going to take very long.  Unlike last time, everyone looks true to their characters.  There’s no lips on Snake Eyes’ mask.  Cobra Commander does not look like a corpse in a diving helmet.  Storm Shadow looks great.  Firefly looks great.  The only design and casting complaints I have are Zartan (so cool in the comics and series and yet so so so not here) and RZA some how heading the Arishnikage Ninja Clan.  Whatever, we got Jinx and she was awesome too.  In fact, I have no complaints about the F/X, costumes or cast (aside from effing Zartan).

None of those things earned this movie it’s 3.5 points (which is generous).  The entirety of that is for the flat out 10 that is the sequence in the mountains where Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes have a fantastic duel that segues into a mind-bending cliffside chase/fight with Cobra ninjas.  It is AWESOME!  I’m sure when it’s out on blu ray, you can find it on You Tube.  Do that.  Because the rest of the movie is a 0.0.

The problem is simple and two-fold.  John Chu is a horrible director and they spent absolutely no time on scripting a good film.  The dialogue is just painful and awkward.  The camera bounces so much all over the place that most of the time you don’t have any idea what’s going on and the first 25 minutes of the movie are spent trying to explain away or attempt to fix what the last movie screwed up.

This should have been a total reboot.  Forget the last film.  Start over.  I’m not expecting an Oscar winning movie, but there’s a reason this franchise and these characters are still stuck firmly in the mind of a generation.  They’re awesome.  Snake Eyes is in the KT dictionary next to the definition of “motherfreaking awesome”.  It’s a franchise that’s lasted 30 years now through several animated series, hundreds of comic books and three godawful movies.  It deserves the kind of treatment that millions of kids gave it in their imaginations when it first came out.  We’ve never let it go.  Next time, get someone with that passion and spend a couple million on the script instead of an explosion and make a movie worth making.