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My Favorite Scene: Braveheart (1995) “Sons of Scotland”

Oh shut up.  Like your favorite scene from Braveheart is anything else.  Yes, it’s a layup, but it’s a great scene.  When I was in college I actually wrote an eight page paper on the ethos, pathos and logos employed by Wallace to rally the Scots.  This was the same class in which I wrote a treatise on the logical fallacies of resisting the Power of the Dark Side.  If you find yourself in a class with a burned out geek of a professor, feed them.  You’ll reap A’s.

There was a time yon long ago when Mel Gibson was an extremely talented director and actor and not just a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy (ad infinitum) anti-Semitic bug-eyed schizoid.  And in the year of our Lord 1995, he made a film called Braveheart to which the heart doth cleave.  So listen to the words of William of Clan Wallace and remember that better time and remember it well.Braveheart, William Wallace, Mel Gibson