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10 Best Character Entrances of All-Time

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube at all, you know people are desperate for subscribers.  The last 10-30 seconds of almost any YouTube video are a needy cry for help from whatever channel you’re watching, but if you’re a movie fan, and you want consistently awesome and inventive lists, you need to subscribe to CineFix.  They turn out random Top….Whatever lists on a regular basis and they’ve come up with some great ones.  This particular one highlights the best character introductions; the first time you see a character onscreen and know they will dominate the film and fill your mind with catchphrases for years to come.  I liked this idea so much, I will not actually watch their video until after I publish this post because I made my own top 10 list below based off the same idea.  So if they copy my ideas, it’s certainly not my fault. Continue reading 10 Best Character Entrances of All-Time

Anthony Hopkins’ Latest 10 Movies vs. Greatest 10 Movies

Anthony Hopkins
Latest vs. Greatest looks at directors, actors, actresses, screenwriters and composers to assess the state of their career as it stands.  We’ll look back at the latest 10 movies the artist has done, rate them and then average them out to see where they stand today.  We’ll also rank their 10 greatest movies and give them the same treatment to compare what they have been doing to their very best work.  (A quick side-note: if an artist is/has been a regular on a TV show we’ll also grade the seasons individually; artists need 10 projects to qualify).

Anthony Hopkins, like Morgan Freeman in our last profile, is someone whose career didn’t really reach superstardom until later in life – in his mid-fifties, really.  Hopkins has been acting since 1965, but it wasn’t really until 1991, when he became a household name for The Silence of the Lambs.The Lion in Winter, Anthony Hopkins, Katherine HepburnHopkins’ second film, and I believe still the best he’s been in, was 1968’s The Lion in Winter with Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn.  Hopkins played the eldest son of an aging king, angling with his brothers for the best position to take the old lion’s throne.  It’s a fantastic film, and while Hopkins is overshadowed by O’Toole and Hepburn (who wouldn’t be?) it had to be a tremendous boost to start his acting career in such and excellent film with such excellent company. Continue reading Anthony Hopkins’ Latest 10 Movies vs. Greatest 10 Movies