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Movie Review: A Quiet Place (2018) *Sound = Fury*

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place
Go a whole hour without make a sound.  You can’t sit still; you have to go about your daily life, but you can’t make a sound.  If you do, you die.  That simple sonic twist is the bread and butter on which John Krasinski (who both stars in and artfully directs the film) bases A Quiet Place.  Alien invasions have been done to death.  Post-apocalyptic is so last decade.  Everything in A Quiet Place is something that’s been done before, but never, to my knowledge, with sound as the difference between life and death.

Back to you, trying to be quiet, what are you doing?  Reading?  Did you drop your book?  You died.  Laughed at something clever in the writing?  Dead.  Now, what if you had to live in a barren world with those kind of stakes, gather food, raise your family, communicate, protect yourself, just simply walk…..with no noise or you die.  A Quiet Place is a familiar thing done in an original way and the result is and extraordinarily tense, well-acted, unforgettable film.
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What’s next for Guillermo del Toro?


One of the most exciting things about 2013’s movie slate, for me, is the return of Guillermo del Toro to the director’s chair.  His movie, Pacific Rim, opens this summer (giant robots vs. giant monsters….what is not to like?) and will be his first film since Hellboy II in 2008.  He’s ‘presented’ a number of horror films, but his long absence is mostly due to working on The Hobbit for two years before dropping out due to financial concerns over MGM’s ability to make the movies.

My favorite moviegoing experience of all-time is seeing Pan’s Labyrinth at the Arc Light in LA and after the movie (which is one of my favorite movies of all-time), del Toro came out and talked to the audience for an hour.  I’m excited to see him back and after Pacific Rim, he’ll return to his horror roots with Crimson Peak.  The cast includes Emma Stone, Charlie Hunan, Jessica Chastain, and Benedict Cumberbatch (six time winner for best name in the world).  Filming begins in February 2014, which means it will probably release in 2015 with every other movie being made.