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Peppermint Trailer #1 (2018) “The System Failed. She Won’t.”

It seems like forever ago that Jennifer Garner was kicking butt on a weekly basis on Alias.  She’s had a few good roles, most notably in Juno, but her movie career has largely been forgettable and her bona fides as an action-adventure warrior seemed to have died after the debacle that was Elektra.  So I’m kind of surprised that a not-so-subtle gender swap of The Punisher is headed for us in September under the direction of the man who took Liam Neeson from Oscar-caliber actor to most unnecessary and lankiest action star in history.  Maybe there’s more to Peppermint than the first trailer indicates, but it feels like I’ve already seen this story.  More below from Coming Soon.

Peppermint tells the story of young mother Riley North (Garner, Alias) who awakens from a coma after her husband and daughter are killed in a brutal attack on the family. When the system frustratingly shields the murderers from justice, Riley sets out to transform herself from citizen to urban guerilla. Channeling her frustration into personal motivation, she spends years in hiding honing her mind, body and spirit to become an unstoppable force – eluding the underworld, the LAPD and the FBI- as she methodically delivers her personal brand of justice.

The film is directed by Pierre Morel, well known for his work in the action genre with the hits Taken and District 13, and will also star John Ortiz (Kong: Skull Island), John Gallagher, Jr. (10 Cloverfield Lane), Method Man (Keanu), Richard Cabral (Lethal Weapon) and Tyson Ritter (Preacher). Peppermint was written by London Has Fallen screenwriter Chad St. John.

The film is set to hit theaters September 7.

Jennifer Garner in Peppermint

Movie Review: Kong Skull Island (2017) *Kong’s Island is Hollow*

Coming out of last year’s Comic Con, I thought Kong Skull Island was the most impressive looking film of the bunch, and I had high hopes for cinema’s ape emeritus going into his first outing since the bloated mess that was Peter Jackson’s King Kong.  This film takes place in the MONARCH Universe (I’m not sure if there’s an official name) along with Gareth Edward’s Godzilla and the upcoming-wait for it-Godzilla vs. King Kong.  Like Godzilla, the film gets the monster right.  This is an interesting take on Kong, and one that does him justice.  The problem, like in Godzilla, are the humans surrounding him. Continue reading Movie Review: Kong Skull Island (2017) *Kong’s Island is Hollow*

Movie Review: Steve Jobs (2015) *Fassbender & Boyle Deliver One of the Best Biopics Ever*

Steve Jobs

Biopics are a tough nut to crack.  How can you, in 2-3 hours give an accurate portrayal of the life of a person and events through which they lived?  When that person is as maddeningly complex as former Apple CEO and tech visionary Steve Jobs and you’re adapting Walter Isaacson’s 800 page biography, the task proves even more daunting.  Director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) and LORD OF THE SCREENWRITERS Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network, 84 Other Awesome Things) pick a brilliant framing device for their examination of Jobs and what results is not only one of the best pictures of a 2015 that is shaping up to be a fantastic movie year, but one of the best biopics I’ve ever seen. Continue reading Movie Review: Steve Jobs (2015) *Fassbender & Boyle Deliver One of the Best Biopics Ever*

Trailer Time: Steve Jobs Trailer #2 *Fassbender’s Oscar Shot?*

Aaron Sorkin has literally never written anything I didn’t like, nay, love.  I just finished his play, The Farnsworth Invention, about the battle between Philo T. Pharnsworth and David Sarnoff about who would patent the television first.  Really fascinating read.  One of Sorkin’s best abilities as a writer is to take a fantastically huge and complex mound of information and boil it down into a bite-sized hunk.  Charlie Wilson’s War was a near-500 page book and the movie is a little over 90 minutes.  The substance was absolutely conveyed, and if you’ve never read or watched CWW, you’ll understand a lot more about the current world situation and how the Law of Unintended Consequences ended up leading us to 9/11.

Steve Jobs is an enigmatic, flawed, undeniable genius.  Michael Fassbender is one of the best actors without an Oscar.  From what I’ve seen (and the trailers have been very sparse on substance), Jobs could get a biopic for the ages and Fassbender could stake an early claim on this year’s Best Actor.  Steve Jobs opens against stiff competition in Pan and Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk on October 9th.
Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender

Trailer Time: Steve Jobs Trailer #2 *Aaron Sorkin’s Words!!!*

Aaron Sorkin is my favorite writer.  In any medium.  Books, TV, Movies, Comics, Video Games; if Sorkin wrote the phone book I would read it obsessively.  I just got done binge-watching the final, criminally short run of The Newsroom, and he turned what could have been a write-off, six-episode pity season into a brilliant loop that turns the series into a giant novel.

Speaking of big books, Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs is the basis for this adaptation of Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle’s look at Steve Jobs.  If you don’t know who Steve Jobs is, after someone hits you with a tack hammer, you can point to about ten items in the room in which you’re reading this that he had a hand in creating.  He was one of the truly great minds of our time, and I cannot wait to see what Sorkin does with his life’s story when Steve Jobs releases in October.