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The Meg Trailer #1 (2018) “Pleased to Eat You”

Jason Statham has transported and been fast and furious….but has he ever taken on a prehistoric shark?  Hmm?  Well, then clearly The Meg is a movie that was begging to be made, and released in the dead of August (where all Oscar caliber films go).  I’m hoping this will be a companion piece to one of my favorite recent unintentional comedies 47 Meters Down, but Statham versus a huge shark seems a fairer fight than Mandy Moore versus any sharks whatsoever.  The Meg will open August 10, 2018, and Coming Soon has more detailed rundown of the film below. Continue reading The Meg Trailer #1 (2018) “Pleased to Eat You”

My Favorite Scene: Cool Runnings (1993) “Inspirational Recruting”

As I mentioned back in my review of Eddie the Eagle (click to read that piece of sports oddity), the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada were a weird games.  In addition to a bespectacled British ski jumper hurtling himself down the slopes to what seemed like certain death, the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica showed up with a bobsled team.  The broad strokes of the weird journey of one of the most beloved group of Winter Olympians in history is chronicled in the fun family film Cool Runnings, which was also, tragically, the last noteworthy movie for star John Candy before his untimely death the following year.  It seems wrong not to highlight Candy’s character, Irving Blitzer, a burnout bobsledder who is drinking himself into oblivion in Jamaica, when one of their best sprinters fails to make the 1988 Summer Olympics.  Undeterred, he searches around for a sport where the country’s famous sprinters might have an impact and he comes up with bobsled. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Cool Runnings (1993) “Inspirational Recruting”