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Movie Review: Patriots Day (2016) *Boston Strong*

Mark Wahlberg, Patriots Day

The Boston Marathon bombings are still a fresh wound for the country, even more so in Boston, so a movie about them so quickly at first glance seems too soon.  However, enter Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg who are on a roll turning horrific tragedies and current events issues which normally spiral off into larger debates (The War in Afghanistan, environmental impact, terrorism) into focused stories on the heroism of  the day.  Some people go their whole lives without having a day.  But if you’ve had one, you know that the rest of your life is viewed in light of what happened before that day and what came after.  It’s for the people who had these days that Berg is making these films.  Deepwater Horizon (which only came out months ago) reminded us that it wasn’t just a horrid environmental disaster; it cost 11 people their lives.  Patriots Day‘s scope is larger than Deepwater’s by a factor of ten. It’s Berg’s best film yet, Mark Wahlberg’s best performance of his career, features an outstanding cast of some of the best character actors working, and the end result is a memorial to a city that stood strong during a day that will forever be etched into its psyche. Continue reading Movie Review: Patriots Day (2016) *Boston Strong*

Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Trailer #3 (2017) *The Only Thing You Have To Fight Back With is Love*

Deepwater Horizon is one of the most underrated films of 2016, but for those of us that saw it, we saw a bond between an actor and a director beginning to churn out greatness.  Lone Survivor, Deepwater, and now Patriots Day have teamed Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg in intense stories that are timely, human, and powerful.  The Boston Marathon bombing was, in many ways, the best we can hope for in this war against senselessness.  An entire city rallied instantly in the face of a horrific act and the fear that more was to come, and-in the end-played out on every TV in the country, the teamwork produced justice.  Boston strong, man.  And I’m a Yankees fan, so that takes a lot!  Patriots Day is getting a select cities release to qualify it for awards season, but will open wide January 13, 2017.
Continue reading Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Trailer #3 (2017) *The Only Thing You Have To Fight Back With is Love*

Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Trailer #1 (2017) *There Is a Time to be Strong*

We had an unusually strong September (followed by an unsually dismal October) this year.  September is usually the elephant’s graveyard for film, but we got two very distinct disaster epics in Sully and Deepwater Horizon.  Sully was, by far, the more successful and a brilliant film (click here to read my review).  Peter Berg is a director that we need to keep an eye on because he’s getting better and better with each film he releases, especially since he’s partnered up with Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon (that film’s review here).  The pair are taking on big stories, important stories, and executing them outstandingly.  The use of sound in subtle and explosive ways to immerse the audience in that horrible event was absolutely brilliant, and shows an attention to every aspect of film that makes Wahlberg and Berg’s next project, Patriots Day, the first event film of 2017 and we only have to wait less than two weeks into the new year for it. Continue reading Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Trailer #1 (2017) *There Is a Time to be Strong*

Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Teaser #1 (2017) *Boston Strong*

Having just directed Mark Wahlberg in a riveting account of a disaster, Peter Berg and Wahlberg are teaming up again, this time to tell the story of the Boston Marathon Bombings.  IMDB’s summary of the plot is below, but the trailer is affecting and 2017 looks like it has it’s first must-see film.

An account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis’s actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it.

Patriots Day opens January 13, 2017.
Patriots Day



My Favorite Scene: Newsradio Season 2 (1996) “Bill’s Cane”

One of the most tragic celebrity deaths of my lifetime has been the senseless murder of Phil Hartman.  Of the Saturday Night Live alums to die far, far before their time, I believe Hartman was actually the most talented.  He wasn’t as explosive as Belushi, but his talent for mimicry and his comedic timing were peerless.  After he left SNL, he was the anchor for the most underrated sitcom of the 1990’s: Newsradio.  The cast has nearly all gone on to star in other shows (and also Joe Rogan and Andy Dick were there).

My favorite episode is in the second season when for no reason whatsoever, Bill McNeil (Phil Hartman’s egotistical anchorman) decides to adopt a cane as an affectation, slowly driving the station manager (Dave Foley) completely insane.  It always makes me laugh and makes me remember what a comedic gift Hartman was to us for the time we had him.

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