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Top 5: Super Hero Movies Not for the Kiddies

Daredevil, Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock

It’s really pathetic that I feel it’s necessary to say this, but after having to sit through Watchmen with kids scattered throughout the audience, I feel it warranted.  DEADPOOL IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!  OK?  Parents?  No mouth-breathing, troglodyte should let their little kid within a kilometer of Deadpool.  It. IS. FOR. ADULLLLLLTS.  Some idiots still live with the misconception that all comic books are for kids.  After 20 years of the modern super hero movie era, you would think that would be seriously apparent, but I guarantee you that when I go see Deadpool later today, someone is going to have their 5-year-old with them. Continue reading Top 5: Super Hero Movies Not for the Kiddies

Vincent Aseo’s Mind-Blowing Movie Posters (Studios, Stop Being Lazy and HIRE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!)

Artist Vincent Aseo recently did a collection of Movie Poster art that quite simply backhanded the actual art right across the face. In the year plus I’ve been doing Killing Time, one of the things that’s begun to make me the angriest is how lazy movie studios have become with poster art when people like Aseo have creations like this out there that they’re doing for themselves and others. Posters should be works of art to accompany a work of art, like the score to a film complements the images. Look at these and tell me they’re not better than 95% of the posters you’ve seen.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi

See Vincent’s entire collection of Alternative Movie Posters by clicking here.
Breaking Bad Arrow Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass Tron Legacy Man of Steel, Superman Captain America: The Winter Soldier Thor The Dark World Iron Man 3 RoboCop



Marvel wants Aaron Taylor-Johnson to Play Quicksilver in AVENGERS 2

Quicksilver, Marvel, Avengers 2, Joss Whedon, Aaron Taylor Johnson

Courtesy of Geek Tyrant:
Joss Whedon has been very vocal about the Marvel characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being in The Avengers 2. Apparently, Marvel is already looking to cast the roles. According to Deadline, the studio wants Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson to take on the role! It’s not set in stone. No deal has been made, but Marvel wants him on their team.

If they do get him to jump on board, I think he’s a great choice. Johnson is a talented actor, and he could easily pull off playing this character. The report suggests that he might be too busy to make the movie though. The next time we see Johnson it will be in Kick-Ass 2, and right now he’s shooting Godzilla.

Top 5: Image Comics

Top 5: TV Episodes of All-Time (Comedy Edition)

The last three weeks, we’ve been looking at good comic book options for those inspired by the umpteen movies a year based on them now hitting theaters.  Week 1 was Marvel and when we looked at DC last week, I mentioned that though they are the second best-selling company, they’re not the second best company any more.  That would be Image Comics (and if you wanted to argue for first, you could make a strong case).

Why are there no new huge super heroes or super villains being developed at DC or Marvel?  One or two may break out a decade, but most of the Marvel canon was churned out in five years.  Why aren’t we getting new icons?  The answer to that has been a battle for as long as comics have been a medium: creator-owned rights.  Take Jerry Siegel.  Do you know who Jerry Siegel is?  He’s one of the co-creators of Superman and, far from making him rich for it, DC pushed him out and in the 1960’s as Marvel was beginning, Stan Lee had Jerry Siegel writing token copy in a desk in the corner just because he felt sorry for him.  Essentially, if you work for Marvel or DC, what you create belongs to them.

In the early 1990’s comics were dominated by star artists (whereas now the writers hold sway).  A number of the most popular including Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri and Rob Liefeld broke away and formed their own company called Image Comics.  It was immediately successful off the backs of books like Spawn and Savage Dragon (both of which are still running), but the entire comics industry crashed in the later part of the decade and Image wandered in the desert until it bumped into Robert Kirkman.  Kirkman had particularly strong feelings about creator-owned work and wanted to transform Image into a place where writers and artists could come to do their own thing under the Image banner and retain control of their work product.  If you find the name Robert Kirkman familiar, it’s because he created The Walking Dead, which has made-through comics, the AMC TV show, merchandise and video games enough money for Kirkman to have a Scrooge McDuck-level money bin.

The Walking Dead changed the game (Mark Millar and Kick Ass also were happening at the same time and contributed) and creators basically demanded that they be allowed to work at Image on their pet projects while working on DC and Marvel books (Jonathan Hickman, writer of the #1 book on the list writes Avengers for Marvel).  Not wanting to lose the talent, they’ve relented and Marvel has even started its own creator-owned brand (Icon), though it’s not really taken off.  Many of the Image creators simply work for Image, though, and it’s not a shared universe like the big two companies; it’s a publishing house.  The five best comics I’ve picked are about crazy scientists, zombies, a detective who is a cibopath (can learn the history of something by eating it), an epic science fiction adventure and one super hero book.   It should be pointed out that these are mature titles.  Do not be handing an issue of The Walking Dead to an eight-year-old unless you want that child in therapy.  But for adults who love stories of all kinds, Image may be the best comic banner for your buck.

 The Manhattan Projects, Jonathan Hickman

1. The Manhattan Projects

Saga, Brian K. Vaughn, Fiona Staples
2. Saga

The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore
3. The Walking Dead

Chew, John Layman, Rob Guillory
4. Chew

Invincible, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley
5. Invincible

Honorable Mention: Bedlam, East of West, Fatale, Moriarty, Morning Glories Revival, Thief of Thieves

Image Comics