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Movie Review: Kingsman-The Secret Service (2015) *Manners. Maketh. Man.*

Kingsman: The Secret Service


Mark Millar makes me nuts.  I should probably be more specific on that for those of you who dated in high school.  Mark Millar is a very successful comic book writer.  He’s also been very successful in getting his creator-owned projects (Wanted, Kick Ass) made into successful films (both better than their source material).  He’s also written two of the best books at Marvel I’ve ever read: 1985 and Wolverine: Old Man Logan, both of which I could not recommend more highly.  I cannot blithely dismiss him as a whole, which I would really like to do because I think he’s overly crass and obsessed with the lowest common forms of cheap laughs.  Then he’ll write something like 1985, and I have to take him seriously again knowing he’ll just piss me off later.  Kingsman: The Secret Service (based on Millar’s comic The Secret Service) is a perfect example of Millar’s bipolar appeal. Continue reading Movie Review: Kingsman-The Secret Service (2015) *Manners. Maketh. Man.*