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No Formal “In Theaters” Column This Week


Ok, here’s the deal: I’m not writing an In Theaters column this week for the simple reason that Hollywood is not releasing a single movie in wide release for a HOLIDAY WEEKEND.  This will, I predict, leave the numbers lower, but the rankings much the same from last weekend, and make The Hitman’s Bodyguard the most underwhelming three-time box office champ in the history of cinema, winning two of these weekends with under $10 million.  If Hollywood wants to turn around its dismal box office for the year, abandoning and entire six week period seems daft, and why in the world would they assume that no one would go see a good film if it came out on Labor Day weekend?  People will always turn out for a good movie, they just have to MAKE one.  Sully debuted during this time last year and did extremely well, and August has been dominated in the past by a good film released at the beginning of the month.  If a chucklehead like me can figure this out, it boggles my mind that people make millions of dollars to sit around and NOT figure it out.  A good Labor Day weekend to all (just not at the movies…..for what it’s worth the third season of Narcos will go up on Netflix at midnight tonight).