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Top 10: Movies Where the Villain Kills the Hero

Sometimes everything isn’t happily ever after for our heroes.  WatchMojo has put together a list for a great topic for discussion: movies where the villain ends up killing the hero.  The hero’s journey doesn’t always end the way we’d hope (those reeling after this weekend’s Avengers: Infinity War are feeling that).  Sometimes a hero sacrifices themselves to ensure their ultimate goal.  Sometimes a hero’s goal IS their own death.  Sometimes….well, sometimes they bad guys DO win.  It goes without saying that unless you feel like you’ve pretty much seen iconic movies GIANT SPOILER WARNING!  What do you think of WM’s selections?  Off the top of my head, Road to Perdition, Shane, and Logan (which is in a lot of ways an homage to Shane) spring to mind.   I think we can definitely find two better selections than The Wicker Man and Batman vs. Superman (seriously, guys?). What other films do you think should have made this list where the hero didn’t make it to the end credits?Mel Gibson in Braveheart


Top 5: Movies on the IMDB TOP 250 I Haven’t Seen

Top 5: TV Episodes of All-Time (Comedy Edition)

The IMDB, aside from being a handy way to answer annoying questions that pop into your head while you’re watching a film (WHO IS THAT? I KNOW I’VE SEEN HER…..WHAT WAS SHE IN????  THIS IS GOING TO DRIVE ME NUTS!), is also become kind of the holy grail of film bloggers.  The gauntlet being to watch and review all 250 films in IMDB’s always shifting (due to user votes and time) Top 250 rated films.  I am not now in a position to take up that task, though I am eyeing it.  Giving it my abnormally large-eyed stare of doom.  Here, by ranking on the Top 250, are the five highest ranked films I have not seen.  If you want to see the whole list, here’s the link: http://www.imdb.com/chart/top

#21 City of God (2002)
#31 Leon: The Professional (1994)
#39 City Lights (1939)
#49 The Pianist (2002)
#51 M (1931)

Not too shabby.  I’ve seen 46 of the top 50!