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My Favorite Scene: The Jungle Book (1967) “The Bare Necessities”

The animated version of Disney’s The Jungle Book has about as much to do with Kipling’s two Jungle Book novels (oh, yes, there are two) as Disney’s Robin Hood has to do with that particular legend.  Both star Phil Harris as the exact same bear so who knows?  I’ve always loved the movie.  It was my wife’s favorite of the animated classics, so I’m a little bummed I can’t take her this weekend to the live-action version, which is getting incredible reviews.  But when I hear this song, one of my favorites from Disney’s canon, I think of her and smile.


Trailer Time: Disney’s The Jungle Book Trailer #1 (2016) *A Remake Worth Making*

As much as I’m impressed by what Disney has been doing right in so many areas of their film making, their recent live-action remaking of all their animated classics is getting old, and I’m not going to  even talk about the Mary Poppins sequel they’re working on because that’s going to spin me into a level of pissed off, we’re not ready for.  HOWEVER, the only one of these projects that has ever interested me is Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book.  The voice cast, the tech used in Life of Pi to bring all the animals to realistic life….that seemed a reason to actually make the movie and this first look at it is fantastic.  Read the full synopsis and cast list below and look forward to this next April. Continue reading Trailer Time: Disney’s The Jungle Book Trailer #1 (2016) *A Remake Worth Making*