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Top 10: Trailers for 2017 Movies


Welcome to a brand-new year of movie watching!  Yes, there are still plenty of 2016 releases to view and review as we move toward Oscar season (and I can promise you there will be more reviews than there have been of late, my apologies for that), but it’s always exciting to stand at the beginning of the new year and look at what’s upcoming.  I thought the best way to do that was to highlight the ten best trailers for 2017 movies released thus far.  These are mostly for first-half releases, and some films just missed the list so here’s just a taste of what’s coming in 2017 that isn’t on the list: Star Wars Episode VIII, Justice League, John Wick Chapter 2, The Circle, Alien: Covenant, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Mummy, Spider-Man Homecoming, The Dark Tower, Creed 2, It, Thor: Ragnarok, Murder on the Orient Express, and many more. So get ready for the ride; it’s going to be a heck of a year! Continue reading Top 10: Trailers for 2017 Movies

Trailer Time: Kong Skull Island Trailer #2 (2017) *KONG!*

I don’t think I can remember a non-Comic Con week where so many trailers have dropped like this one.  The second trailer for Kong: Skull Island has premiered, and hold on to your butts, people, we’re in for something amazing.  I don’t like this trailer as much as the first, and I’m a little worried John C. Reilly’s character is going to Jar Jar this thing, but mostly I’m in awe at how amazing this looks. Continue reading Trailer Time: Kong Skull Island Trailer #2 (2017) *KONG!*

Trailer Time: Logan Trailer #1 (2017) *Jackman Pops the Claws One Last Time*

Logan, the third Wolverine solo film, will be the ninth and final appearance by Hugh Jackman as the most popular X-Man.  No one, not even Chris Reeve as Superman or Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark has completely and totally owned a superhero like Jackman has from the very first seconds we saw him cage fighting in X-Men.  Seventeen years later, his journey with the character will end, we’ll see the heir to Logan’s mantle, and also bid goodbye to Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier.  This doesn’t feel like a super hero movie (and I mean that in the best way), it feels like an old gunslinger’s last hurrah, and set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” (one of my three favorite songs), I got a little misty.  No one will ever fill Hugh’s shoes, even though one day they’ll cast another person as Logan, he has a choke hold on this role forever. Continue reading Trailer Time: Logan Trailer #1 (2017) *Jackman Pops the Claws One Last Time*

My Favorite Scene: X-Men (2000) “Wolverine in the Cage”

Ok, so it’s a bit of a cheat, but it’s my column so I’ll mess with the format if I want to.  X-Men in 2000 (which does not seem 16 years ago) kicked off the modern age of super hero films.  It was the first film to successfully bring a team of super heroes to life.  It took it’s subject matter seriously, cast amazing actors like Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, but none of that would’ve mattered if they’d gotten Wolverine wrong.  Edward Norton almost ended up playing  the part, but in the end it went to the unknown, at the time, Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine, Logan, Hugh Jackman, X-Men

No one has ever owned a comic book character the way Jackman owns Wolverine.  It was perfect casting of an extremely talented actor, who would go on to be Oscar nominated for his work in other films.  He’s been  in every X-Men movie, plus two of his own (with a final one on the way), and it’s hard to imagine what X-Men films will be like without him.  He’ll have been in nine films as Logan if Wolverine 3 is indeed his last go-round, and FOX is going to recast the role at some point.  Wolverine is too popular a character to sit on the bench.  But I pity whoever they cast.  Jackman had the audience within seconds of his first appearance in X-Men.

Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, X-Men

From the very first shot of him in a cage fight, smoking his stogie (which now he can’t do because apparently that’s worse than beheadings or nipples to the MPAA), and just emitting waves of barely contained fury, Jackman had us.  All that was left was to see the claws for the very first time.  Just a fantastic way to introduce the character.  Bryan Singer, who directed the first two X-Men films and X-Men: Days of Future Past, is returning for his fourth film later this month with X-Men: Apocalypse (in which Wolverine will have a small role).  We don’t have enough time to do all the X-films before then, but since I already did Days of Future Past (click here if you missed it), we can cover the other Singer films and X-Men: First Class before X-Men Apocalypse opens.  I’m looking forward to seeing Wolverine unleashed in his third solo film, but I’ll be melancholy at the end, because we’re saying good-bye to an actor who has put a stamp on a character that may never come close to being equaled.
X-Men, Wolverine, Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Will Make Another Wolverine Film With James Mangold

wpid-hr_The_Wolverine_7.jpgThere’s not much to go on other than this: X-Men Days of Future Past will, thankfully, not mark the last time we see Jackman as Logan.  FOX is negotiating right now, but the plan is for both Jackman and Mangold to reunite for another Wolverine film after next summer’s X-Men extravaganza.  If you’ve seen the epicness of the epicality of the epic trailer for X-Men DOFP, then you’ll know that there is NO telling what the state of the mutant cinematic universe will be.  I, for one, really liked The Wolverine.  I respected it’s decision to try to do something completely different with the character, yet completely true to his nature and I think Jackman gave his best performance as the character in the film.  It IS flawed and it did give in to the temptation to go by the old spandex tropes, but they were so close!  I’m excited about this.  I want to see them nail it this time (Jackman’s 8th Wolverine film; Connery/Bond are really the only comparison).  Even if they got going next year, I wouldn’t expect to see another solo outing for Logan before late 2016.