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In Theaters This Week (7/21/2017): Dunkirk, Valerian, Girls Trip

Dane DeHaan in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Each Thursday we look at what is going to be coming out in theaters this weekend, show you the trailers for the big releases, predict the box office winner and just generally give you enough of a carrot to pull you through the rest of the work week.  July 21st brings three VERY different films into theaters, all currently getting mixed-to-rave reviews. Continue reading In Theaters This Week (7/21/2017): Dunkirk, Valerian, Girls Trip

Movie Review: Lucy (2014) *Mild Spoilers*

Scarlet Johansson, Lucy
t’s a shame that the myth that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity isn’t true.  One, it would give me hope that the species as a whole might someday grow in intelligence, and two, it would add a lot more legitimacy to the use of the trope in science fiction.  But it is an awful lot of fun to consider. Continue reading Movie Review: Lucy (2014) *Mild Spoilers*

Movie Review: 3 Days to Kill (2014)

3 Days to Kill, Amber Heard, Kevin Costner

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time when Kevin Costner was the biggest movie star in the world.  The world.  From about 1989 to 1992, Costner was THE MAN.  I would love someone to some day write a book about the making of Waterworld that ate up years of Costner’s life and completely decimated his career (through his own doing, though, no doubt).  After taking time away, in the last two years, Costner’s been making a comeback as a character actor in The Hatfields & McCoys, Man of Steel and Jack Ryan earlier this year.  I’ve really enjoyed those outings of his and look forward to seeing him try to blend with ensembles, because he really can bring something to the table.  It’s when he’s the main attraction that his faults as an actor swing center stage.  3 Days to Kill pairs Costner with McG, whom you’ll recall from such things as ruining the Terminator franchise. Continue reading Movie Review: 3 Days to Kill (2014)