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Russell Crowe’s Latest 10 Movies vs. Greatest 10 Movies

Latest vs. Greatest looks at directors, actors, actresses, screenwriters and composers to assess the state of their career as it stands.  We’ll look back at the latest 10 movies the artist has done, rate them and then average them out to see where they stand today.  We’ll also rank their 10 greatest movies and give them the same treatment to compare what they have been doing to their very best work.  (A quick side-note: if an artist is/has been a regular on a TV show we’ll also grade the seasons individually; artists need 10 projects to qualify).

Russell Crowe, Noah

Roughly ten years ago, if you wanted a prestige actor to anchor your film, you really could do no better than Russell Crowe.  Ten years later, Crowe seems to have lost all passion for acting, mostly sleepwalking woodenly through a series of mediocre films.  It’s not something that you can put your finger on and trace as easily as Johnny Depp’s descent into addictive twitchiness, but the decline is just as steep.  Crowe just seems to have lost the passion to act.  I saw a little of that fire back in Noah and it made me think that possibly the right project could turn things around, but then I watched Winter’s Tale last night and so I’m really trying hard not to let that color my entire article. Continue reading Russell Crowe’s Latest 10 Movies vs. Greatest 10 Movies

Killing Time – July 18, 2013

Killing Time

We’ll make this a quick check-in this week.  Emmy nominations and Comic Con fatigue (aaaand it just started) have deleted my reserve of words.  I pushed through and finally beat Borderlands 2 and in-between watched episodes of Covert Affairs.  This weekend I literally read 8 books.  That’s a lot even for me and may explain why my eyes have been aching for days….

KT milestones this week: 16,000 hits; 1,000 “likes”; and blazed past the 750 posts mark.  Uruguay and Mongolia graced the site for the first time, leaving French Guiana as the only South American country to hold out on me.  What’s up with that?  Would it entice you, French Guiananians….may have got that wrong, to know I know all the dirty words in French?  Hmm?  Intrigued?  Come on in, enjoy the madness.  What did y’all (because they say that in French Guiana) kill time with this week?

The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld by Terry Pratchett
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Blu Ray:
Master and Commander

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Covert Affairs Season Two
Newsroom Season One
Brotherhood Season One

Song of the Week:  Hans Zimmer’s reworking of the William Tell Overture for The Lone Ranger soundtrack.  It almost makes me want to try the film…..almost.

Video Game:
Borderlands 2 (Level 33 Gunzerker; playing DLC Capt. Scarlet)
Magic: The Gathering 2014
Injustice Gods Among Us
* XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave; feel free to friend me!

All-New X-Men Vol. 2: We’re Here to Stay   by Brian Michael Bendis
Revival Vol. 1  by Tim Seely
Saga Vol. 2  by Brian K. Vaughn
Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1: God Butcher  by Jason Aaron
Sweet Tooth Vol. 6: Wild Game by Jeff Lemire                                                               The Lone Ranger Omnibus Vol. 1        by Brett Matthews