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My Favorite Scene: Daredevil Season One (2015) – The Fights

Yes, I did already do a MFS on Daredevil Season One.  But COME ON!  It’s 13 episodes and we’re getting 13 more on Friday, so what else could I choose?  The fights on Arrow were the bar for fight choreography on TV (and they are restricted by broadcast TV), but Daredevil came along and kicked that bar up so high that I can’t wait to see them try to top it in season 2.  It will post 12:01 a.m. on Friday March 18th, and I’ve included the final trailer below.  DAREDEVIL!!!!

My Favorite Scene: Marvel’s Daredevil Season One (2015) “The Hallway Fight”

Daredevil is the best thing the MCU has produced so far.  I say that as an adult and as someone who, this show, is appropriate viewing.  This is not The Avengers.  The Marvel Universe is such a wondrous place because it contains the gods and monsters who fight in mainstream books, mutants, inhumans, an entire cosmos to rival Star Trek, a mystical realm of the supernatural and dirty, street-level people just doing the best they can to protect the neighborhood they love.

Daredevil nailed everything about the character, his supporting cast, the dark and brutal nature of his world, his conflicted soul over his actions, etc.  I rate it among the finest seasons of TV I’ve ever seen and I have seen A LOT.  The pilot was perfection, and we got a great Batman Begins-esque fight scene in it, but it wasn’t until the end of episode two that we say what Charlie Cox and this team was capable of with fight choreography.  In a single take, NO CUTS, Matt walks down the hall, goes through the rooms on both sides and walks away with the girl being held hostage.  It’s violent ballet.

The thing is, though, this would be cool all on its own, but the very beginning of the show is Matt confessing to his priest, talking about his boxer father and how when he would really lose it, a piece of him would go away, his arms would fall slack to his sides, and he’d just walk into hell to deliver the punishment he felt was coming.  Matt does the precise thing here.  It’s not commented upon; but there is so much layered nuance to this show that , THAT was the moment I knew we were in for something special.Daredevil, Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock

TV Review: Daredevil Season One Pilot Episode (2015 – Netflix) *Marvel’s Best Yet?* SPOILER-FREE

I’m a night owl, so being up on the east coast of the US when Netflix posted the entire 13 episode first season of Daredevil wasn’t that big a deal for me.  Daredevil IS a big deal for me.  He is my favorite character is the Marvel universe.  His is the only Marvel book I will never drop no matter who writes it.  Aside from Batman, he’s my favorite hero period.  I had a very good feeling that Netflix got why the character was so interesting.  Now I’ve seen the pilot episode and I can tell you for certain that they do.

From a brilliant opening ten minutes that tells more about the character than some scripts would take ten episodes to do, the pilot establishes the character, Hell’s Kitchen, ties it to the main MCU through several overt allusions to the wreckage of New York in the wake of the first Avengers film (plus a bunch of Easter Eggs for longtime fans) and sets up a season-long showdown between Matt and Wilson Fisk.  If it weren’t for Game of Thrones (which we also get back this weekend), I would say Daredevil has the best opening credits sequence on TV.  It’s gorgeous and – along with Drew Goddard’s brilliant script – totally in keeping with the best aspects of the character.

My only frustration is that I have to travel all day today and it’ll be tonight before I can mainline more Man Without Fear.  It’s only one episode, but House of Cards may not be the best show on Netflix any more.  This is that good.

Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Netflix

Trailer Time: Daredevil Season One Trailer #2 (Netflix – 2015) *Kingpin vs. DD*

If the first trailer for Daredevil was about introducing Matt Murdock, this trailer is about the stark difference between Matt and Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin.  I love the duality played up that both men think they’re protecting the city in the best way they can.  I like the little look we get at Stick, and I love that they’re not ignoring Matt’s conflict with his faith.  At times, it seems like he and Nightcrawler are the only people in the Marvel Universe with some religious belief.  It’s a huge part of who Matt is and nothing I’ve seen so far has done anything but have me pumped  for this.  All 13 episodes  will be available for massive binge watching on April 10, 2015 at 12:01 PST.

Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Netflix

New Photos from Netflix’s Daredevil Series

Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Netflix

On the same day the Netflix releases season three of their flagship series, House of Cards (which I’m pouring into my head whilst you read this), the streaming service released a new poster and new photos from its upcoming series Daredevil.  The first of four planned series featuring street-level Marvel characters stars Charlie Cox, Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio.  All episodes will be up on April 10, 2015.  So far all we’ve seen is Matt’s first suit from Frank Miller’s “The Man Without Fear”.  I wonder if he’s going to get into the real costume in season one.  Daredevil is personally my favorite Marvel character so I cannot wait for this. Continue reading New Photos from Netflix’s Daredevil Series