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Top 5: Best E3 2013 Game Trailers

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So E3 is in the books for 2013 and what an eventful few days in the gaming world.  Most of the secrets of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been laid bare (Nintendo was also there but they’ve reduced themselves to white noise in my gaming sphere), and here are some things I’m taking away from the show as a longtime gamer.

1. Microsoft is living on a different planet than its consumers.  The arrogance and obliviousness with which the Xbox One has been developed, priced and restricted is something I’ve never seen from any consumer electronics roll-out.  They have a PR problem of Haliburton (hyperbole) proportions, especially thanks to Don Mettrick’s comment that Microsoft has a console for people who can’t be connected to the Internet 24/7 and it’s called the 360.

2. Sony won.  Sony didn’t just win, they planted their feet, lined up the shot and then punted Microsoft right in the face.  Between the quality of the PS4’s specs, the games available and the price differential, there is no doubt which console I will go with next gen (which after nearly a decade of Xboxing saddens me).

3. There is no compelling reason to buy either console on launch day.  Unless you just want to have the newest thing, there is no AAA launch title currently associated with either console.  I’m going to stick to the 360, hope Don Mettrick is launched into the sun, and that backlash forces some changes.  If not, I’ll wait until a game I can’t NOT play is released and go with a PS4.

I’ve watched a ton of game trailers over the last week and posted as many as I could as a collective within the briefing columns.  Here are the five (in no real order) that impressed me the most.  The most stunning one was probably for HALO on Xbox One (not officially Halo 5 yet).  Watch Dogs looks incredibly cool and it’s going to be 360 available, so that’s one to watch.  Titanfall doesn’t do anything really new for me, but the packaging of a mix of third and first person shooter intrigues me.  Destiny may be the game that moves me next gen.  The scope of it and the quality of everything seen so far, combined with Bungie’s record, makes that the sort of title you buy a console to play.  RPGs were in short supply this year, but I can’t wait for The Witcher III.  What were the most impressive things you saw?  Trailer goodness below:


Trailer Time: Call of Duty Ghosts E3 2013 Trailers (2013)

Call of Duty 10 or “Ghosts” as those who hate sequential numbering would have it, was announced earlier but there’s a new trailer playing on the floor at E3. Two other gameplay trailers to accompany it for you crazy shooting people who make this the biggest cash cow in entertainment. The last COD I played was Black Ops 1 and it just did not take. COD Modern Warfare was one of the most impressive games of this console generation and it, like Ghosts, was developed by Infinity Ward.

For those of you who won’t hop immediately into multiplayer, the story “takes place following a devastating event that changed the global balance of power, with the United States no longer recognized as a superpower. Ten years after the event, a band of elite soldiers known as the ‘Ghosts’ wage a covert war against an unseen enemy, with the outcome having far-reaching consequences for both themselves and the remains of America.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts comes out November 5, 2013, for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U. It will be released for PS4 and XB1 at a later date.

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E3: Sony Press Conference – Playstation 4 Drops a Bomb on Microsoft Plus Trailers for Destiny, Thief, Batman, Watch Dogs, FF XV, Kingdom Hearts III and More

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Sony laid out a very impressive press conference, both in terms of games  and hardware.  More importantly, it took a direct shot at Microsoft’s choices on the Xbox One and stated clearly it would impose no restrictions on DRM for used games, will not require offline users to “check in” periodically online and will debut at $399 ($100 below the Xbox One).  Those that have PlayStation Plus memberships will see them carry over to the PS4 (no backward compatibility with PS3 games).  Sony may have just won the next console war by simply countering Microsoft’s idiocy.  I, for one, looking at the two choices, would pick the Playstation 4 right now.  That’s something I never dreamed I would say going into these announcements.

A very, very impressive slate of game trailers, including new looks at Batman: Arkham Origins and Bungie’s Destiny, as well as The Elder Scrolls Online, Thief: Out of the Shadows, Transistor, Saints Row IV, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, DuckTales: Remasterd, The Last of Us, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone: MercenaryTwo Souls, Mad Max, Knack, inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadowfall, Drive Club, Watch Dogs and The Order: 1886   are below:

Later, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV and the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III will also be coming exclusively to PS4, giving Sony a huge edge over Microsoft in games announced thus far.

Top 5: Features I Want in XBOX 720, XBOX Infinity…..whatever it’s called

Top 5: TV Episodes of All-Time (Comedy Edition)

The general consensus is that Microsoft is going to unveil the Xbox sequel (most likely called Infinity, but I like 720….because my preference matters to them) sometime this year.  Some reports have it being unveiled to Microsoft employees next week.  I do not recall life before my Xbox 360.  Oh….oh, I do, it sucked.  My wife will understand that was hyperbole.  Won’t you, hon?  Ok, just me and the Xbox this weekend.  Where was I?  Ah yes, the gaming superbness that is the Xbox 360 (if you own a PS3, I do not hate….I’m just puzzled, much like I am by cat owners or people who watch Bravo).

The NeXtBoX (that one’s mine Microsoft, you pay me if you pick that) will have big shoes to fill.  The 360 has managed to have a long life cycle through annual software updates that essentially offered the features of a new console without having to actually buy one.  It’s transformed gaming machines into entertainment hubs.  I use mine as much for Netflix or Hulu as I do gaming.  I understand we’re at the technological point where the next graphical leap is necessary, but I kind of don’t want it to end.  I don’t want to have to bid adieu to my Batman-skinned 360 (anniversary present from my wife if she’s still reading as proof of how AWESOME she is….yeah, I’m still on my own there).

When I do switch to the 720ityBox (also mine), what are the top five things I’d like?  What are five things that leap to the fore of my gaming-saturated mindbrain?

1. Port it all over.  All of it.  I spent five-and-a-half years building up a gamerscore (87,368; thank you for asking), dressing a digital avatar of myself as Boba Fett (do not judge me) and have saves, themes, DLC and full games that fill most of a 250 GB hard drive.  I want it to come with me.  If you think I’m going to start my gamerscore at 0, Microsoft…I probably will, but I can hold a grudge like a poltergeist, so don’t test me.

2. Don’t futz with the controller.  If you have a few tweaks, I’m open to that.  I am not a close-minded OCD ADD gamer (possibly two of those three things are not true).  The 360 controller is the best controller for any system ever.  I can’t believe I played Nintendo with a tiny box with a D-pad and two buttons.  Tweaks are ok.  Leave it mostly the frick alone!

[artist's depiction of potentially angered author]
[artist’s depiction of potentially angered author]
3. Make Kinect worth it.  Kinect is cool.  I think it’s a tremendous innovation.  I also think, unless you play Dance Central, that it’s most useful feature is detecting demons (thank you, Paranormal Activity 4).  Find a way to integrate it in a cool way for all gamers.  I am barred by several state laws from even attempting to dance.  Where’s my Kinect experience?  I can play Fruit Ninja on my phone.

4. Backwards compatibilitySee point number one.  I have about seven years worth of exploring to do in Skyrim alone.  I don’t want to switch consoles to do it.  I used to be a Sony guy.  Loved my PS2.  Once they announced they were not including the ability to play PS2 games on the PS3, I lost all interest.  Also because it forgot to have games for two years.  It also was two car payments.  I’m over you, Sony!  …I did mention the grudge holding thing…

5. Do not DRM screw us.  This is a hotly debated topic among gaming companies and developers.  Essentially, a digital rights management (DRM) feature would be included linking your account to your game’s disc.  Once that happened, that disc would be unplayable by anyone else.  This spins out of the sales of used games and game rentals, from which developers see no profits.  If this is adopted, Game Stop is done, not to mention Game Fly.  I’ve heard that all games for the next Xbox will require installation, but not specific DRM restrictions yet.  I don’t know about you, but my purchase of games would plummet.  Games cost $60.  If I’m going to drop that, I have to know it’s worth it.  I think ultimately it would hurt the industry, so let’s hope that’s the last we hear of it.

May your weekend be full of gaming.  My Xbox Live tag is “sleeplessdave”, feel free to friend me (add a message that you’re a KT reader if you don’t mind) and I will report all updates on the NewBOX (no?) that come my way.