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Ocean’s 8 Trailer #2 (2018) “Having This Much Fun Is a Crime”

In Summer 2018, the tide will turn as Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) attempts to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala. Her first stop is to assemble the perfect crew: Lou (Cate Blanchett); Nine Ball (Rihanna); Amita (Mindy Kaling); Constance (Awkwafina); Rose (Helena Bonham Carter); Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway); and Tammy (Sarah Paulson). Matt Damon will cameo (presumably as his character Linus Caldwell from the other three films), James Corden will play an insurance investigator, and Dakota Fanning also has a role. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, Adriana Lima and Katie Holmes will have cameos.

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Gary Ross (The Hunger GamesSeabiscuit) is directing from a screenplay he wrote with Olivia Milch, with Steven Soderbergh and Jon Kilik producing, Michael Tadross, Susan Ekins, Sandra Bullock, Diana Alvarez and Bruce Berman executive producing, and Milch co-producing.

Ocean’s 8 debuts in theaters on June 8, 2018.


Ocean's 8 Poster

Ocean’s 8 Trailer #1 (2018) “Every Con Has Its Pros”

My question about Ocean’s 8 is: is there any other reason for its existence other than a gender swap?  This ensemble has a stellar cast of some of the best actresses alive, and is the best Hollywood can do is to write them a gender flopped version of something that worked really well with guys (this IS related to the Ocean’s franchise, though Matt Damon’s part in the film is now in jeopardy given his involvement in what we’ll call for brevity “The Weinstein Vortex of Ick”)?  Apparently, from the trailer at least, yes, all Hollywood has the brains to do is make an Ocean’s film with actresses and not deviate even a little from that template.  I hope it’s better than the first look, because these women are better than hand me downs.  Ocean’s 8 will open June 8, 2018.

Ocean's 8 Poster

Move Review: Minions (2015) *WAY Too Much of a Good Thing*


Frosting is delicious.  It’s awesome.  If you have a spoonful of frosting, you think….oh sweet merciful heavens, this is outstanding.  By spoonful two, you’re thinking….well, I still like frosting but I feel like I’m reaching saturation.  Spoonful three and you’re mind is screaming THERE ARE STILL 90 MORE MINUTES LEFT IN THIS MINIONS MOVIE…..  Point is, something meant to be used to make something ELSE better, may not be a great thing all on its own.  In my analogy, you’re more than likely to be projectile vomiting frosting.  I’m not sure if that’s worse than having to sit through 104 minutes of Minions. Continue reading Move Review: Minions (2015) *WAY Too Much of a Good Thing*

Trailer Time: Minions Trailer #3 *MINIONS MINIONS MINIONS!!!!*

Because it’s Monday.  You need minions.  The movie comes out on July 10, 2015.  You just need to watch the minions.

Where minions go; I will follow!
Where minions go; I will follow!

Trailer Time: Minions Trailer #2 (2015) *Despicable Me Spin-Off*

I love the Minions.  They’re utterly ridiculous and completely hysterical.  In Despicable Me 2, the Minions really stole the show and so it’s no surprise that we’re getting an ALL MINIONS film!  I can’t wait for this, but I hope they don’t try to rationalize them by giving them a detailed origin.  They’re Minions and they do crazy things and seem to have hair-trigger death wishes for each other.  Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and Miranda Cosgrove lead the voice cast that will not me speaking Minionese (in which I am fluent).  Minions rampage into theaters on July 10, 2015.

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