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R.I.P. Sir John Hurt (1940 – 2017) “Another Consummate Actor Leaves Us”


We’ve lost another wonderful actor.  Sir John Hurt has passed away.  John Hurt may not be an instantly recognizable name to casual film fans, but everyone who has seen a fair number of movies has seen his work.  He was Mr. Ollivander in the Harry Potter series.  He was The Storyteller in Jim Henson’s wonderful and too-short-lived eponymous series.  He was nominated twice for Academy Awards in 1977 for Midnight Express, and for what is probably his most indelible performance, that of the title character in 1980’s The Elephant Man.  He was also the unfortunate victim in one of the most famous scenes in film history: the “chest burster” dinner scene in Ridley Scott’s Alien.  He brought gravitas and dignity to every project he participated in, and I always was instantly more interested in a film when his name appeared in the credits.  Below is a wonderful obituary of Sir John written by Liz Miller from IndieWire.  Hurt was 77. Continue reading R.I.P. Sir John Hurt (1940 – 2017) “Another Consummate Actor Leaves Us”


I know I bashed it all year, but truly 2014 was the most mediocre year at the movies I’ve experienced in my lifetime.  As such, I haven’t published my TOP 10 until now, not because I don’t have ten good films, but because I keep waiting for all the films that are supposed to be Oscar favorites to come to my theater and -thus far- they haven’t.  Now, next week the Academy will announce the 2015 Oscar Nominations and I will, no doubt, be hopping up and down mad just like I am every year.  But that recognition, will bring those films to more markets and my Top 10 may look significantly different by the time we hand out our own version of the Oscars: The 3rd Annual Renaissance Film Awards.  What film will follow The Dark Knight Rises and Gravity as Best Picture winners?  How much will this list change in a month?  Right now, here are my Top 10 Films of 2014 with links to my full reviews. Continue reading KILLING TIME’S TOP 10 FILMS OF 2014 *UPDATED WITH AMERICAN SNIPER*

Movie Review: Snowpiercer (2014) *Mild Spoilers*

Snowpiercer* Peter, The Reasonable Critic, was lucky enough to catch a screening of the highly-reviewed Snowpiercer and returned from the cold to share his thoughts with the KT Community.

Seventeen years ago, in an effort to combat climate change, the human race accidentally froze the Earth, and the last vestige of civilization boarded an enormous train to survive while circling the world.  The poor masses live in steerage while the privileged few live in first class.  They worship Wilfred, a Wizard of Oz-like figure who predicted the ecological disaster and invented the train’s perpetual motion engine. Continue reading Movie Review: Snowpiercer (2014) *Mild Spoilers*

Top 5: Movies for the Rest of Summer 2014

I don’t want to particularly bum you out, but the summer movie season is essentially over.  It’s not even officially summer yet and the studios have already blasted out pretty much everything they have for us.  The entire month of July is a barren movie wasteland that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has to itself.  These may be MAY be our top five best chances at something cool, but since I have a Michael Bay movie on this list, I think you’ll grasp how  desperate the situation is.  What I’m saying is this:  there’s a lot of good TV out there to catch up on and books are still kept in libraries. Continue reading Top 5: Movies for the Rest of Summer 2014

10 Books I Need to Read Before the Movie Comes Out

“The book was better.”  It’s a snotty thing to say and elitist, but it means you read the book so you get to do that.  It’s like a special feature of reading; you get to lord it over people who don’t.  When it comes to movies, books almost always win.  Not always the case (see Top 5 Movies Better Than Their Books) but generally you’ll find the book a more complete experience then the two-hour adaptation.  But you don’t get to be snooty if you don’t read the book BEFOREHAND. Continue reading 10 Books I Need to Read Before the Movie Comes Out