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My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Rebels Season One (2015) “Kanan & Ezra vs. The Grand Inquisitor”

Star Wars: Rebels is over now.  The fourth and final season of the animated series aired earlier this year, and Dave Filoni & Co. are moving on to tell the stories leading up to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in their next series – Star Wars: Resistance.  Rebels continued the excellence begun in The Clone Wars, and the two series were largely responsible for keeping Star Wars fandom alive in the period in-between Episodes III and VII.

One of the best innovations Rebels brought to Star Wars canon was the introduction of the Inquisitors into the lore of the Empire.  While Darth Vader spearheaded the destruction of the Jedi, it was always a little far-fetched that even Vader could have wiped out the remnants of the Order with no help.  The Inquisitors were Vader’s hand in dealing with threats to the Sith monopoly on Force dominance.  The Grand Inquisitor (voiced by Jason Isaacs) was a great first “big bad” for the series, and his final showdown with Kanan and Ezra is another stellar lightsaber duel to add to the highlight reel from Filoni’s time as Star Wars Animation Czar.Star Wars: Rebels Season One

Star Wars: Rebels Season One Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars: Clone Wars being abruptly canceled was one of the few off-notes that have occurred since Disney took over stewardship of the property.  I think they could have let a full season six wrap up a lot more plotlines.  As it is, they did release what was done and have turned at least one planned story arc into a novel (Dark Disciple).  Star Wars: Rebels picks up after The Purge during the 20 year gap between Episodes III and IV.  I’m looking forward to catching up to the first season, and it has already been announced that season two will see a lot of Vader and the return of his former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano.  That’s not going to end well.  The first season of the show hits shelves September 1st, and the press release is below.

Walt Disney StudiosLucasfilm Ltd. and Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment have officially announced that they will release on Blu-ray Star Wars: Rebels – Season One. The two-disc Blu-ray release will be available for purchase on September 1. Continue reading Star Wars: Rebels Season One Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details