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Star Wars Episode VII Tribute: The Father’s Sins (Amazing Video!!!)

If you’re not following Medley Weaver on YouTube, you’re missing out on some truly fantastic and creative videos.  This tribute to Episode VII focuses on the Father/Child aspect of the Star Wars saga (as we don’t yet know exactly Rey’s lineage).  Weaving together beautifully shots from the Original Trilogy and The Force Awakens, the video (set to music from Gears of War 3 if you wondered) is a powerful tribute to the generational aspect of Star Wars.  Seeing Han and Luke as young men, then grizzled and aged contending with Rey and Kylo Ren, then going even further back to Luke dealing with Anakin, shows the family dynamic at the heart of the saga.  That extends now to the audience.  People my age, who were children at the time of the original movies, are now sharing the resurgence of the franchise with their own children, and in that way art echoes life.  Stories bind generations together, and Medley does a superb job of capturing that aspect of Star Wars in this video.  Bravo!

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Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Details *MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*

Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VII, Fan Made Poster,
Fan Made Poster

As we get closer and closer to Star Wars Episode VII and the spin-off films, I’ve had to come up with a policy regarding potential spoilers.  The majority of Star Wars fans I know, want to debate the rumors and are hungry for every tidbit they can get.  However, I do realize that there are some who want to go in cold.  I’m somewhere in-between, where I’d like to know general stuff but nothing to spoil surprises.  So the KT policy on Star Wars Episode VII rumors is I will label MAJOR SPOILER anything that has to do with the specifics of the plot and place it after a text break so you’ll have to decide whether to continue.  This comes up today because Badass Digest has a source that has released some MAJOR details about the plot.  I am not 100% convinced of this source.  Some of the things (and I did read them obviously) don’t ring true to the spirit of what Abrams has been doing thus far, but out of context with the rest of the film it’s almost impossible to tell.  So continue at your peril and discuss away. Continue reading Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Details *MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*

Vincent Aseo’s Mind-Blowing Movie Posters (Studios, Stop Being Lazy and HIRE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!)

Artist Vincent Aseo recently did a collection of Movie Poster art that quite simply backhanded the actual art right across the face. In the year plus I’ve been doing Killing Time, one of the things that’s begun to make me the angriest is how lazy movie studios have become with poster art when people like Aseo have creations like this out there that they’re doing for themselves and others. Posters should be works of art to accompany a work of art, like the score to a film complements the images. Look at these and tell me they’re not better than 95% of the posters you’ve seen.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi

See Vincent’s entire collection of Alternative Movie Posters by clicking here.
Breaking Bad Arrow Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass Tron Legacy Man of Steel, Superman Captain America: The Winter Soldier Thor The Dark World Iron Man 3 RoboCop



Fantastic Star Wars Art from Marco Manev

Most work I’ve seen from Marco Manev in the past has been his super hero stuff, but these one-sheets for each of the Original Trilogy Star Wars films are fantastic.  Movie posters used to be art and they should be.  They’re a fantastic opportunity to create an iconic image to sell the film, but most of them these days look like they were farmed out to an intern with average Photoshop skills.  Online there is a thriving group of artists making beautiful posters like these, so dig around a bit and you’ll likely find one for your favorite film that beats the pants off of whatever ended up on the Blu Ray cover.Star Wars, Star Wars A New Hope, Marko Manev

Star Wars Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Marko Manev Star Wars, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Marko Manev

How Brad Bird Would Have Begun Return of the Jedi


Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles) is working for Disney right now making Tomorrowland and was one of the rumored names for Star Wars Episode VII.  Given his relationship with Disney, it’s certainly possible he could helm a future episode or one of the spin-off films.  In a discussion with Patton Oswalt (best person to follow on Twitter, period), he gave his opinion on how he would have begun Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

I was talking with [director] Brad Bird one time, and he said it’s like the beginning of Return of the Jedi. Luke shows up and he’s a badass. He said they should’ve opened it with Luke in the swamp saying to Yoda, “You said ‘Don’t go.’ I said ‘F**k you, I’m gonna go help my friends.’ I went and got my hand cut off and my friends are in even worse trouble because of what I did. I f***ed up everything.” And then Yoda should have gone, “Now you’re a Jedi. Now you’re beyond the fear of failure. Now you’re ready.” That would have made it even cooler.

I actually love the opening to Jedi with Vader arriving at the second Death Star and suggesting construction might be sped up in as passive aggressive a manner as you’ll ever get from a Dark Lord of the Sith.  I do love Bird’s idea as an expansion of Yoda’s death scene (minus Luke dropping F-bombs).  I think that more between them before Yoda passes is a much better idea than-say-a planet full of teddy bears.