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“The Last” Fantastic Luke Skywalker Tribute Video

This month has been the 40th anniversary celebration of the film that started it all: Star Wars.  Seven more films later, with four more on the way (Lucasfilm has announced the third spin-off will be announced for 2020 sometime in June 2017), the film that started with a farm boy is coming full circle with this Christmas’ The Last Jedi.  “Who is Luke Skywalker?” is the central question that drove JJ Abrams to get involved with the sequels.  After only a brief, cryptic cameo in The Force Awakens, Luke looks to be as central to Episode VIII as any character.  We know he’s not the man Rey expects to find.  The first trailer for TLJ has him condemning the Jedi.  However, Hero Fan Productions “The Last” does a really fantastic job at recapping Luke’s journey, especially in highlighting the parallels with Anakin’s journey and where Luke went right and Anakin wrong.  I think TLJ is a continuation of the journey (we do have several decades of catching up to do), and I don’t think we’ll be saying good-bye to Luke until Episode IX.  Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is scheduled for release December 15, 2017.Star Wars Episode IV, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia

Star Wars Saga Tribute: Fallen Army

While Killing TIme readers have a diverse number of interests, pretty much all of us are die-hard Star Wars fans.  I’m mentally exhausted by the events of the last few weeks and the arguing, so today, I honestly don’t want to do anything more than check out to a galaxy, far, far away, a place we all love.  Leoberry has created this epic tribute to the most intense moments of battle and sacrifice in all eight Star Wars films and did a fantastic job.  Watch and repeat.  Watch and repeat.

Vader Faces His Demons; Poignant Star Wars Art from Jeff Carlisle

Check out this fantastic piece by Jeff Carlisle. I refuse to believe Anakin wasn’t haunted inside that armor to some degree and never more so than when the helmet was off inside his meditation chamber. Really brilliant piece.

Fantastic Star Wars Art from Marco Manev

Most work I’ve seen from Marco Manev in the past has been his super hero stuff, but these one-sheets for each of the Original Trilogy Star Wars films are fantastic.  Movie posters used to be art and they should be.  They’re a fantastic opportunity to create an iconic image to sell the film, but most of them these days look like they were farmed out to an intern with average Photoshop skills.  Online there is a thriving group of artists making beautiful posters like these, so dig around a bit and you’ll likely find one for your favorite film that beats the pants off of whatever ended up on the Blu Ray cover.Star Wars, Star Wars A New Hope, Marko Manev

Star Wars Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Marko Manev Star Wars, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Marko Manev