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MCU Phase 2 Supercut!

It’s been awhile since we had a good supercut and editor Adrian Conion showcases the movies that comprise the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Irom Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.  After a weak start with Iron Man 3, the increasing quality, complexity and maturity of these films has me absolutely fired up for Avengers 2 and Phase 3!

Supercut: Robots in Film (From Metropolis to WALL-E!)

Michael Mirasol has created this great supercut montage devoted to robots through the history of film. From Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still and classic science fiction all the way to WALL-E, The Iron Giant and Pacific Rim, we get a very cool look at the classic robots in cinema. Appropriate on a weekend dominated by Transformers at the box office.


In honor of the big guy finishing second (let’s face it; no one was going to beat x-men) in the summer movie poll, here is a supercut of all the different Godzilla roars from 1954 to 2014.  It was assembled by the very talented YouTuber ortboys.  Feel free to TGIF roar along if you feel the need.  GOJIRA!!!

2013: The Year in Movies Supercut

Huge credit to the guys at JoBlo.com for putting together 2013: The Final Cut.  This eight-minute look at the drama, action, horror and comedy of the movies of 2013 is brilliantly edited together and features every movie from last year you could possibly think of.  One note: I would consider this a Red Band retrospective in case you work at, say, a day care and don’t want to traumatize small children.

99 Blockbusters in One Amazing Supercut Trailer

This…is…..awesome.  99 blockbuster movies woven into a six minute trailer opus of amazingness.  I can only bow at the feet of LALakersOfficial for crafting its sheer brilliance.  You need to watch this and you need to watch it now.