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Mark Ruffalo’s 10 Best Movies

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo has quietly put together one of the best resumes of any actor out there.  He hasn’t just been in really good movies (which he has); he has been in some of the best movies made in the last 15 years.  I would easily put both Zodiac and Spotlight on that list, The Brothers Bloom is and underrated classic, and Eternal Sunshine and Collateral are also both “perfect 10” films.  That’s before you get to his contribution to the massive ensemble of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stepping in for the fired Edward Norton and making the Hulk his own.  He has great range and his characters have in common an earnestness to their own personal sense of what’s just or fair.  He’s not flashy, he wouldn’t even be well-known without the MCU, but you’re lucky if he’s in your movie.
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Rachel Weisz’s 10 Best Movies

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz has a look and a gift with accents that allow her to play nearly any ethnicity from her native England, anywhere in Europe, Russia, and North America.  It’s allowed her to become a chameleon without ever changing her looks.  She looks and manages to sound like she could be from anywhere, so combined with her phenomenal range, she’s one of the most versatile actresses of her generation.  From her breakout role in The Mummy (Fraser version, not Cruise), to wonderful films like About a Boy and The Brothers Bloom, and more serious fare like The Constant Gardener, The Fountain, and The Whistleblower, Weisz is consistently excellent in anything she takes on, but blends so well into any setting that she’s not quite a household name, which is a shame because she has gallons more talent that dozens of actresses who are.

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The Most Underrated Films of the Last 25 Years!

Stranger Than Fiction, Harold Crick, Will Ferrell


The first post from the new Killing Time HQ has to be something special; something memorable.  Now, I could’ve gone to see Fantastic Four.  We could have all shared a memorable time listening to me spew venom forth on another failed attempt to do what only Brad Bird has succeeded in doing: getting the FF right.  I could, but that would involve me actually paying my money to SEE the motion picture.  As a grad student once again, I can tell you that is a lot of Ramen that I’m trading for a guaranteed foul mood.

No, what we should celebrate are the hidden gems; the overlooked films.  We’re going to go back 25 years (starting from 2014) and I will posit my most overlooked film.  The criteria for such is as follows: the film must have received little to no critical awards, the film cannot have been a blockbuster, and the film must be at least a 8.5 on my ratings scale (the one that matters).  Some of these you may have seen, some you may have never heard of, but in my opinion they’re all good and they all got overlooked.  Let’s try to cleanse our mental palates of non-MCU Marvel films and find some new friends.
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Rachel Weisz’s Latest 10 Movies vs. Greatest 10 Movies

Rachel Weisz
Latest vs. Greatest looks at directors, actors, actresses, screenwriters and composers to assess the state of their career as it stands.  We’ll look back at the latest 10 movies the artist has done, rate them and then average them out to see where they stand today.  We’ll also rank their 10 greatest movies and give them the same treatment to compare what they have been doing to their very best work.  (A quick side-note: if an artist is/has been a regular on a TV show we’ll also grade the seasons individually; artists need 10 projects to qualify).

I’m going to be honest.  After the novella on Tom Hanks combined with the Winter Olympics curtailing my research time, I decided to make Hanks a double-issue (and he passed Denzel for the most hits on one of these yet).  I have been trying to feature more actresses, but-as a guy-I’m far more likely to watch a crappy movie starring a man than I am a woman.  Also, Hollywood makes shockingly crap vehicles for even their most talented actresses.  I mean, have you seen what Nicole Kidman’s been doing?  But as the men are winning 16 to 1 at this point, I said ENOUGH (being the gender warrior I am) and bravely said, “Which actress do I have to watch the fewest films for to get caught up on their latest ten?”  This is to explain why Rachel Weisz is this week’s feature. Continue reading Rachel Weisz’s Latest 10 Movies vs. Greatest 10 Movies

Looper Director’s Next Film is Sci-Fi Cyberpunk

Rian Johnson

Looper was one of my favorite movies of 2012; written and directed by Rian Johnson.  Johnson’s two previous films, Brick and The Brother Bloom, could not be any more different but I loved both of them as well.  Johnson’s become someone I follow closely to see what might drop out of his mind next.

In an interview with /Film, Johnson said that his next film will also be science fiction, but have more of a Cyberpunk bent.  That’s all he’d reveal noting only that it will be a very different animal than Looper.  That he tries something different every time is one of the things I like and admire about him so I’m excited to see what comes next.  If, for some unholy reason, you’ve never seen Brick, The Brothers Bloom or Looper…well then I just made your weekend.