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John Mahoney’s 10 Best Movies

John Mahoney

John Mahoney passed away this week from cancer at the age of 77. Originally born in the UK, Mahoney earned his US citizenship serving in the armed forces. A veteran of the stage his entire acting career, Mahoney was one of film’s best character actors in the 1980s and 1990s in films like Say Anything, In the Line of Fire, and The American President before transitioning to television. His career-defining role was in the most successful spin-off in television history, Frasier, playing the cranky father of fussy psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane for 11 seasons. Mahoney spent most of the rest of his career as a high-caliber addition to limited series and guest starring in shows while splitting time returning to his roots onstage. His legacy as one of television’s most beloved and memorable fathers is perhaps best summed up by the reaction to his death by actor Kelsey Grammer, who played his son for over a decade. “He was my father,” Grammer said. “I loved him.”

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21 Best Character Departures of All-Time

Back in February, we featured CineFix’s 10 Best Character Entrances and made a Killing Time list to accompany it.  The bookend to that is CineFix’s massive tear-jerking list of 21 Best Character Departures of All-Time.  Just as a great entrance can instantly put a stamp on an iconic character, how that character leaves us is what the audience will take out of the theater will them as they go home to digest the film.  Obviously a good-bye is less fun than a hello, and a lot of these good-byes are for good, but all are iconic and it’s tough to argue with any of the picks made in the list.  If you have any that weren’t, feel free to light up the comments with your own.
Ian McKellen in The Lord of the RIngs: The Return of the King