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Mowgli Trailer #1 (2018) *Witness the Darkest Telling*

I loved Disney’s The Jungle Book.  I thought it was not only better than the animated version; I thought it was better than Kipling’s book (maybe blasphemy, but there it is).  I have wondered for a long time how Andy Serkis was going to separate his take on The Jungle Book, and with the release of the first trailer for the fall film, you can clearly see this is an entirely different take.  Mowgli appears to be well-titled, because its focus is squarely on the man-cub after he’s grown to the age where Disney’s version leaves him.  I’ve always thought the animated version’s end was ridiculous because you knew five seconds after he wandered into that village after the girl that a mob was going to chase him right back out or throw him in a cage.  That’s exactly where Andy Serkis begins this trailer.  You add to that a voice cast boasting Serkis, Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Naomie Harris, and Cate Blanchett as well as the motion capture expertise that Serkis has been perfecting through the Planet of the Apes trilogy, and Mowgli just jumped to the top of my most anticipated films of the fall.  The film is set to open October 19, 2018, more from Coming Soon below. Continue reading Mowgli Trailer #1 (2018) *Witness the Darkest Telling*

My Favorite Scene: The Jungle Book (1967) “The Bare Necessities”

The animated version of Disney’s The Jungle Book has about as much to do with Kipling’s two Jungle Book novels (oh, yes, there are two) as Disney’s Robin Hood has to do with that particular legend.  Both star Phil Harris as the exact same bear so who knows?  I’ve always loved the movie.  It was my wife’s favorite of the animated classics, so I’m a little bummed I can’t take her this weekend to the live-action version, which is getting incredible reviews.  But when I hear this song, one of my favorites from Disney’s canon, I think of her and smile.


All Super Bowl 50 Movie Trailers: Bourne 5, Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and Many More!

It’s a shame that the 50th Super Bowl didn’t have a game to live up to the occasion.  It may have been the ugliest, sloppiest football game ever played for the Lombardi Trophy; looked more like a preseason game.  For movie fans, though, there were peaks aplenty at 2016’s biggest releases.  The biggest news was the announcement of the title of Bourne 5, which will simply be titled Jason Bourne and our first look at Matt Damon’s return to the franchise.  Disney released a stunning full trailer for Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book.  We also had new trailers for Independence Day: Resurgence, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and many more.  Here they all are in a neat supercut.  Happy viewing!
Captain America: Civil War

More Mondo Disney Art and Details on Their Show

Last week, we had some posters and pieces of art from Mondo Gallery’s upcoming show entitled “Nothing’s Impossible” which features artists from their crew reinterpreting classic Disney posters, movies and characters.  Here are even more examples and if you live in the Texas area, the show itself is taking place at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX, right now through Tuesday.  For the posters we already posted, click here, and enjoy the Disney!

The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible

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POLL RESULTS: What is the Greatest Disney Animated Feature of All-Time?

Yes, Simba, I too was surprised.

We asked the Killing Time community in this latest poll to name the greatest Disney animated feature of all-time and in the most-voted-in poll yet, The Lion King mauled the competition.  Earning more votes than the rest of the entries combined, The Lion King won handily with 57.4% of the vote.  With 11 choices culled from 53 features, to have one film pull down nearly 60% of the vote is shocking to me.  You people like you some Matthew Broderick-voiced lions. Continue reading POLL RESULTS: What is the Greatest Disney Animated Feature of All-Time?