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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Trailer #1 (2019) *They Come in Pieces*


The LEGO Movie was one of the best surprises I’ve had at the movies this decade.  It combined a wildly inventive animation style with a script that had laughs and feels in it for anyone from 1 to 100.  Future LEGO installments haven’t been able to touch the magic of the original, and the sequel arrives early next year after a number of rewrites.  While the original voice cast returns, original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are only producers this time and the final script is only based on a story idea of theirs.

Everything is not awesome in Bricksburg.  Five years after Taco Tuesday, our heroes are in a post-apocalyptic DUPLO-created nightmare.  The first trailer for the sequel has some laughs and made me smile, but I’m honestly a more than a little worried that without Lord & Miller running this show it’s going to be hard to recapture the magic of the first film.  The LEGO Movie 2 will open in February 2019.  More from Coming Soon below. Continue reading The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Trailer #1 (2019) *They Come in Pieces*

FOUR More LEGO Movies Are Coming by 2019! AWESOME!!!

I can’t remember the last time I experienced as much pure joy from a movie than when I got to see The LEGO Movie for the first time in February.  Loved it.  Own it.  Beat the video game.  May or may not have bought LEGO sets.  Definitely refer to all super glue as “Kraggle”.

I was excited that they had already announced a sequel to the film, but today Warner Brothers announced three other LEGO movies, establishing this as a new franchise for them.  LEGO’s Ninjago (yes, LEGO Ninjas) is coming on September 23, 2016.  The LEGO Movie 2 is set for May 26, 2017.  Two other TBD LEGO films are coming on May 25, 2018 and May 24, 2019.  The LEGO Movie 3?  Perhaps LEGO will get permission to make a feature using one of the gazillion franchises it has licenses for (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.).  The important thing will be to maintain the quality that made the first one a success.  I want lots of LEGO movies, but they need to pay Phil Lord and Chris Miller whatever they want to stay around and write and direct them.  Otherwise, this news is AWESOME!!!

The LEGO Movie 2 Has a Director


I was a little worried when the directors of the first LEGO film (which is AWESOME….I may have mentioned that) were not returning in that role for the sequel.  Today, Deadline is reporting that, “Warner Bros. has found their man to helm the sequel this years break out hit The LEGO Movie, and they’ve chosen Chris McKay, who served as the animation co-director on the first film. McKay is also credited with directing several episodes of “Robot Chicken,” “Titan Maximum,” and “Moral Orel” in addition to the TV movie Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III. Continue reading The LEGO Movie 2 Has a Director

The LEGO Movie 2 Has a Release Date! AWESOME!

The Lego Movie

The lack of new movie reviews on KT the last two weeks may be attributed to two factors:
1. Olympic fever, which I did warn you about in the Olympic Fever Notice.

2. When I do have time to go to a movie….I go to The LEGO Movie again, which is still the greatest thing of all great things ever….in the history of the world.

This is certainly no shocker, but if you want to circle May 26, 2017, that’s when The LEGO Movie 2 will be hitting movie theaters.  Warner Brothers announced the sequel date today as The LEGO Movie stands poised to win the box office for the third weekend in a row. Continue reading The LEGO Movie 2 Has a Release Date! AWESOME!