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My Favorite Scene: Tombstone (1993) “I’m Your Huckleberry”

Val Kilmer has had a….varied career to be generous.  Undeniably talented, the star has veered all over the map in his thirty years on the screen.  What other man could have given us Iceman, Batman with nipples, a corpulent Dr. Moreau doing a Brando impression, and Tombstone’s brilliant Doc Holliday.  Some people think Tombstone isn’t an awesome movie.  Those people are WRONG: FACT.  With Kurt Russell starring in The Hateful Eight and his critically-acclaimed Bone Tommahawk on Blu Ray, I thought we’d examine the awesomeness that is Tombstone.

Val Kilmer, Doc Holliday, Tombstone

Russell is great (he’s Kurt Russell), but Val Kilmer steals this movie with his lascivious, TB-stricken, gunslinger Doc Holliday.  Sometimes all it takes is just one line to make a performance iconic, and Kilmer achieves that in his “I’m Your Huckleberry” scene.  By the way, should I use this phrase in everyday life (and I do), you gain instant friend points for recognizing how awesome I am to randomly quote a western from 1993.

Tombstone, Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell

My Favorite Scene: Spider-Man 3 – “The Birth of Sandman”

Spider-Man 3 is not as bad as you remember it.  Somehow, in the seven years since its release, Spidey 3 has become the Batman & Robin of modern comic movies.  I saw Batman & Robin in the theatre.  I left in a homicidal rage.  I also saw Spider-Man 3 in the theatre and it’s not responsible for any cold cases. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Spider-Man 3 – “The Birth of Sandman”