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Complete Achievement List for Titanfall 2 (Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC – 2016)

The first Titanfall was one of the original blockbusters for Xbox One, and while it was a lot of fun, it soon became kind of repetitive.  It was great fun calling down your titan from orbit and squashing your enemies before hopping in and becoming a mech to be reckoned with, but the game only had multiplayer which seemed to be trying to squeeze some kind of story into the never-ending Team Deathmatch  square-offs, but it felt like there was a lot more that could be done with the property.  Well, all props to EA and Respawn Entertainment.  Titanfall 2 is getting rave reviews for expanded multiplayer and a campaign that looks interesting enough that once I crawl out from under the deluge of games in my “to beat” queue, I will definitely be climbing back aboard for another go-round.  Titanfall 2 is out today for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.  Achievements below courtesy of the only site you ever need to bother with for your achievement fix: xboxaachievements.com. Continue reading Complete Achievement List for Titanfall 2 (Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC – 2016)

Top 10: Best Cinematic E3 2016 Trailers


Game OST has put together a half-hour cinematic for gamers that may have missed what’s most fun from E3: game trailers.  While, for me, there was no one game that smacked me between the eyes and made my wallet shiver, we still got a lot of cool trailers.  If you don’t wish to watch the entirety of its splendor, I have pasted GO’s breakdown of the cinematic below.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay Trailer (0:02)
2. Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer E3 2016 (3:19)
3. Days Gone Trailer PS4 (5:03)
4. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Cinematic Trailer – E3 2016 (7:17)
5. Titanfall 2 Official Single Player Gameplay Trailer (9:41)
6. For Honor Cinematic Story Trailer (11:39)
7. Quake Champions: E3 2016 Reveal Trailer (15:24)
8. Spider-Man PS4 Reveal Trailer E3 2016 (17:02)
9. Prey Reveal Trailer (18:24)
10. Death Stranding Reveal Trailer PS4 E3 2016 (20:25)

E3, E3 2016