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SDCC 2018: 2018-2019 DC TV Trailers – Arrow, Flash, and More!

Stephen Amell in Arrow

DC has premiered the trailers for its six live-action fall shows.  Arrow, Black Lightning, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Supergirl return to The CW this fall.  DC’s future plans for TV are centered around their DCU Streaming Service.  The new service was unveiled at Comic-Con and the trailer for the service’s first show, Titans, was unveiled.  DC plans to add live-action Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl shows next year as well as animated series featuring Young Justice and Harley Quinn.  The only DC show that wasn’t trailer-ready for Comic-Con was SyFy’s Krypton.  The Superman prequel show announced it would be returning in early 2019 and that season two’s big bad would be intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo.

Arrow Season Seven (The CW, Returns 10/15/18)

Black Lightning Season Two (The CW, Returns 10/9/18)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season Four (The CW, Returns 10/22/18)

The Flash Season Five (The CW, Returns 10/9/18)

Supergirl Season Four (The CW, Returns 10/14/18)

Titans Season One (DC Streaming Service – Fall 2018)

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Attack on Titan (2016 – Xbox, Playstation)

Attack on Titan, which is based off an anime series I haven’t seen, appears to involve a bunch of colossal guys in Slim Goodbody suits laying waste to Japan and (here I’m inferring) you need to stop them.  The game will be shipping August 30, 2016, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, an PS Vita (huh, those are still around).  Full cheevos below, courtesy of the Vatican of Xbox achievements: xboxachievements.com. Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Attack on Titan (2016 – Xbox, Playstation)