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Woody Harrelson’s 10 Best Movies

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is incredibly underrated as one of the most versatile and talented dramatic and comedic actors of his generation, both on the big and small screens.  In 1985, Cheers faced a casting crisis when beloved actor Nicholas Colasanto died.  To replace him behind the bar, they cast an unknown young Woody Harrelson who only went on to be Emmy nominated six times for playing Woody Boyd: Cheers‘ clueless and lovable little brother.  But in the 25 years since Cheers‘ end, Harrelson has put together one of the most impressive resumes of any actor working.  His range is astounding: from goofball to serial killer to an impressive series of military and law enforcement characters (both good and evil) and back again to goofball.  There are some performers for whom it’s a struggle to put together 10 pieces of work and an honorable mention.  Woody could have had a whole second list, and he’s only continuing to get better. Continue reading Woody Harrelson’s 10 Best Movies

Matthew McConaughey’s 10 Best Movies

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has had two phases to his career.  Bursting on the scene with 1996’s A Time to Kill, he seemed like the next superstar, but battles with substance abuse and a chronic lack of focus (probably not unconnected) left him nearly written off.  However in the last decade McConaughey has climbed back into the top rungs of leading men, culminating in his Oscar for The Dallas Buyers Club and his astonishing performance in HBO’s True Detective’s first season (which would have won him an Emmy any other year than Bryan Cranston’s last on Breaking Bad).  Since, he has kept up a steady stream of successes, and is always someone to pay attention to now in whatever projects he chooses to pursue. Continue reading Matthew McConaughey’s 10 Best Movies

POLL: What’s the Best Show on TV?

There’s a reason these polls run for a month, the really big decisions.  What’s the best TV show this year ran for a month and for that month, Game of Thrones lead 25 of those days with Arrow, The Walking Dead and Sherlock in a dead head behind it.  Then, at the last minute, Sherlock blazes past last year’s winner and takes the crown from GoT.  Sherlock is Killing Time’s 2014 Best Show on TV!

What do you think about the new champion?  Where did your show finish?

True Detective Season 2 Has Announced FOUR Leads

True Detective Season Two


If you missed the first season of HBO’s incendiary drama about two detectives investigating a string of occult deaths in the South, then I recommend it with the proviso that you cannot blame me if you don’t sleep for nights afterward and  you understand that there is TO REPEAT extremely EXTREMELY disturbing content.  Have I made that clear?  I just want us still to be friends after you get to the thing with the antlers.  Oh um, Spoilers! Continue reading True Detective Season 2 Has Announced FOUR Leads

POLL REMINDER: What’s the Best Show on TV?

It’s that time of year again, Time Killers.  The fall is just around the corner and this fall is one of the most exciting in years, especially for comic fans.  Not only do we already have Arrow and Agents of SHIELD, but this fall we’ll add The Flash, Constantine and Gotham.  We’ll have a new Star Wars show in Star Wars: Rebels.

Game of Thrones is winning in the voting, but Sherlock, Arrow and The Walking Dead are certainly all within striking distance.  Can they rally?  Will Westeros claim the prize for a second year running?  It’s up to you!  Vote!