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Top Fives & Top Tens

Top 5 ListsTop 5: Most Expensive Deleted Scenes Ever Filmed
Top 5: Scenes from Forrest Gump

Top 10: Character Entrances of All-Time

Top 10: Hidden Actors in Famous Films

Top 10: Post-Credit Scenes That Changed Everything

Top 10: Trailers for 2017 Movies

Top 10: Films of 2016

Top 10: Trailers of 2016

Top 5: Princess Leia Moments (RIP Carrie Fisher)

Top 5: Scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Top 10: Courtroom Scenes in Movie History
Top 5: Doctor Strange Graphic Novels

Top 5: Scenes from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Top 10: Final Video Game Levels of All-Time

Top 5: Movies of 2016 at the Midpoint

Top 10: E3 2016 Trailers

Top 5: Xavier & Magneto Scenes

Top 5: Captain America Graphic Novels

Top 5: Scenes from Fight Club
Top 5: Saturday Night Live Presidential Impersonators

Top 5: Super Hero Movies Not for Kids

Top 5: Avengers Most Likely to Die in Captain America: Civil War

Top 10: TV Shows of 2015

Top 10: Video Games of 2015

Top 10: Films of 2015

Top 5: Scenes from LOTR: The Return of the King

Top 5: Foreign Language Films

Top 5: TV Shows With Good Taste in Music

Top 5: Scenes from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Top 5: MCU Villains

Top 5: MCU Phase 2 Films
Top 5: Scenes from 12 Angry Men
Top 5: Opening Scenes (TV Dramas)

Top 5: Music Movies
Top 5: Scenes from Schindler’s List

Top 5: Movies That Should Never Be Shown on Airplanes

Top 5: Scenes from Pulp Fiction

Top 5: Reverse Top 5 – Movies to Cheer You Up

Top 5: Movies Released in September (All-Time)

Top 5: Neil Gaiman Books

Top 5: Scenes from The Dark Knight
Top 5: Hopes for a Good Movie in September 2014
Top 5: Characters I Want to See in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Top 5: Marvel Post Credits Scenes
Top 5: Guardians of the Galaxy Collections
Top 5: Scenes from The Godfather Part II
Top 5: Star Wars Graphic Novels
Top 5: Movies of 2011
Top 5: Movies or TV Shows That Make You Proud to be American
Top 5: Scenes from The Godfather

Top 5: Movies for the Rest of Summer 2014
Top 5: Animated Sequels
Top 5: War Movies
Top 5: Shows That Should Have Been Cancelled
Top 5: Scenes from The Shawshank Redemption
Top 5: Spider-Man Graphic Novels
Top 5: Sports Movies
Top 5: Directors
Top 5: Actresses
Top 5: Captain America Storylines
Top 5: Actors
Top 5: Muppet Movies
Top 5: New TV Shows 2013-2014
Top 10: Most Shocking TV Character Deaths
Top 5: XBOX One Games
Top 5: Books I’ve Read in the Past Year (Fiction/Graphic Novels)
Top 5: Books I’ve Read in the Past Year (Non-Fiction)
Top 5: Lord of the Rings Creatures
Top 5: Movies for MLK Weekend
Top 5: Actresses Who Won Their Oscar for the Wrong Movie
Top 5: 2013 Movies That I Liked and Rotten Tomatoes Didn’t
Top 5: Actors Who Won Their Oscar for the Wrong Movie
Top 5: Jennifer Lawrence Performances
Top 5: Best Trailers of 2013
Top 5: Favorite Living Authors
Top 5: Scary Movies
Top 5: Tom Clancy Novels
Top 5: Star Wars Episode VII Fan Made Posters (Honorable Mention Gallery)
Top 5: Green Arrow Collections (To Welcome Back Arrow)
Top 5: Xbox One Launch Games
Top 5: Ron Howard Films (Directed)
Top 5: Most Traumatic Early TV Series Cancellations
Top 5: Star Wars Spinoffs I’d Like to See
Top 5: Saturday Night Live Hosts
Top 5: Songs on My iPod
Top 5: Ben Affleck Movies
Top 5: Movie Scores of 2012
Top 5: Best Movies I Never Want to See Again
Top 5: Fall 2013 Movies
Top 5: Netflix Gems
Top 5: Critically-Acclaimed Movies That I Hate
Top 5: Disney Parks That Never Were
Top 5: Sequels
Top 5: Movies of 2013 at the Midpoint
Top 5: Movies That Are Better Than Their Books
Top 5: Pixar Characters
Top 5: E3 2013 Video Game Trailers
Top 5: Joss Whedon Projects
Top 5: Image Comics
Top 5: DC Comics
Top 5: Marvel Comics
Top 5: 1Q 2013 Xbox 360 Games
Top 5: Movies on the IMDB 250 I Haven’t Seen
Top 5: Movies of 2014 (anticipated)
Top 5: TV Comedies (still airing)
Top 5: Summer 2013 Blockbusters I’m Worried About
Top 5: Features I Want in the Next Xbox
Top 5: Kevin Spacey Movies
Top 5: Xbox 360 Games
Top 5: TV Dramas (still airing)
Top 5: Steve Carrell Movies
Top 5: Super Hero Sound Effects
Top 5: Bryan Singer Movies
Top 5: Worst Best Picture Decisions (Oscar Week)
Top 5: Ways to Improve the Oscars
Top 5: Most Anticipated Movies of 2013
Top 5: Movies of 2012
(From the archives of my old blog that ended in 2010)
Top 5: Comedic TV Episodes of All-Time
Top 5: Dramatic TV Episodes of All-Time
Top 5: Pilots
Top 5: Games for Fall 2010
Top 5: Movies I Haven’t Seen
Top 5: Steven Spielberg Films
Top 5: Lego Video Games
Top 5: Pixar Movies
Top 5: Movie Trailers of All-Time
Top 5: Directors Working Today

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