killing time

Killing Time – April 24, 2014

killing time

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent. ~Ambrose Bierce

I’m enjoying the somewhat leisurely pace of the entertainment industry in April, because I know May is going to be an explosion of pure media so huge that it will set off tsunami alarms.  TV finales and the announcements of 2014-2015 season schedules from the networks.  STAR WARS DAY (May 4th for the unwashed)!  Then a movie gauntlet the likes of which I cannot recall every being slammed into one month: Amazing Spider-Man 2, Neighbors, Godzilla, X-Men Days of Future Past, Maleficent and a Million Ways to Die in the West.  Donations to the “Dave Has to Review All of These in a 30 Day Period” Fund are always accepted.  By the way, speaking of summer movies, today’s the last day to vote on the poll, which experienced a huge shift in the last 10 days.  A certain giant lizard is getting some huge buy-in from the KT community. Continue reading


Trailer Time: Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Trailer (2014)

The world of Dragon Age is one of my favorite in gaming so I’m thrilled to see gameplay footage from one of the fall’s biggest releases.  I’m not so thrilled that the release date is 10/7; the same as Assassin’s Creed V and a week before Batman: Arkham Knight.  People will buy quality games year-round.  glutting September through November does nothing but ensure that some games are left unplayed and that gamers are forced to make choices they shouldn’t have to make since, for example, NOTHING came out this week.  Do they seriously think we wouldn’t be there for this if it was an April release?  Come on, people!  Official synopsis below. Continue reading

Batman Arkham Origins, Batman

Trailer Time: Batman Arkham Origins: “Cold, Cold Heart” DLC (2014)

The first story-based DLC for Batman Arkham Origins is available today for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.  Entitled, “Cold, Cold Heart”, the pack will tell how Victor Fries entered into the Arkham Universe of three (soon to be four) Batman games.  I think it looks fantastic and I plan to get to playing immediately (especially since I’m stuck trying to maneuver a stupid remote batarang in the main game).
Batman Arkham Origins, Mr. Freeze

How to Train Your Dragon 2

The First Five Minutes of How to Train Your Dragon 2!

Featuring its stunning animation, How to Train Your Dragon 2 has released its first five minutes, getting you back into a world of Vikings riding Dragons!  Behold it all when it opens in theaters June 13, 2014, and How to Train Your Dragon 3 is already scheduled for 2016.
How to Train Your Dragon 2


2013 Movies I Liked that Rotten Tomatoes Didn’t


For years, Rotten Tomatoes has been the best measurement I know of to pre-judge the strength of a film.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the site, takes the reviews of media outlets all over the world, converts their reviews into a 1-10 rating and then averages them to find the movie’s “percentage positive”.  Over 60% is positive for them; less than that it’s a rotten tomato of a film.  Continue reading


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