Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. One DVD/Blu Ray Release Date and Details

Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games
Though I wasn’t a fan of the recent Hunger Games movie, and disagree that the last movie warranted two films, there’s no denying its success at the box office.  Mockingjay Pt. 1 just passed Guardians of the Galaxy to become the highest grossing domestic film of 2014.  That’s two years in a row for Hunger Games, but this year I think a little film called Episode VII is going to steamroll anything else released.  I also applaud Lionsgate for the treatment they’ve given all the films in the series on Blu Ray.  Hours and hours of extras and as someone who watches a lot of extras, they were really well done on the first two movies, so I can say, with no doubt, that if you liked the film, this is one to buy on Blu Ray.  The official press release and specs from Lionsgate are below: Continue reading Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. One DVD/Blu Ray Release Date and Details

Trailer Time: Better Call Saul Trailer #2 (AMC – 2015)

The more I consider it (and, yes, I do sit around pondering these sorts of questions) I have to admit that Breaking Bad was the best show I’ve ever seen.  In terms of writing, acting, cinematography and plotting, Breaking Bad’s the best.  There are moments in, say, The West Wing or Lost that move me more, but Breaking Bad never had a bad episode, was all about developing its characters until you could tell how they’d react in any given situation and knew exactly where it was going with an assurance I don’t think TV has ever seen before.  I’ve watched the whole series twice in a year, and I was looking to poke holes in it and there just were none to be found.  AMC  must have a heck of a lot of confidence in this venture, because not only does it have a full season one order, AMC renewed it for a full 13 episode second season before it even aired, which I’m not sure has even ever been done.  Of course, the question people are asking is doe we get to see Walter and Jesse?  My feeling is that they should end the series the Groundhog Day Walter strides into Saul’s office, but he had a relationship with Jesse long before Walter broke bad, so I think we’ll get to see some more early Jesse.  AMC debuts Better Call Saul in under a month on February 9th.

My Favorite Scene: Mission Impossible 2 (2000) “Fun With Motorcycles”

Let me approach this in as subtle and deft a manner I can: I hate Mission: Impossible II.  Hate it.  If we’d all been hanging around criticizing movies when it came out in 2000, I would have said that John Woo and Tom Cruise’s massive egos were so busy making out with each other that they didn’t notice how bad this film was ad done something to stop it.  It’s not just a John Woo film.  It’s a LAZY John Woo film.  Birds will fly in front of protagonists, The action will go into inexplicable slo-mo (I suspect to pad the running time).  It has Anthony Hopkins in virtually the same role John Voight played in the first film.  They wasted Anthony Hopkins!  I’ve had people kneecapped for less (not really, but you know you want to sometimes just have a guy who does that sort of thing for you).  I’m astounded this did not kill the series. and doubly so, that the series from here has shot up in quality to produce two of the best action films of the decade.  I will admit that there was one good thing that came out of this film: Ben Stiller’s deadpan serious  Tom Cruise stalker/stunt double.  It’s a skit that debuted at the next MTV Movie Awards.


We’ll get back on track with JJ Abrams righting the ship.  You see, guys.  He saved this franchise.  He saved Star Trek.  And Star Wars Ep. VII is going to be just fine,  Deep breaths, and I’ll see you with Mission Impossible III next week.
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Stunning Geek Art Gallery from Jeff Langevin!


Every now and then I see an artist’s work highlighted on websites I visit and I’ll pass them along to you.  Today, I was fortunate enough to see the work of Jeff Langevin, and I was stunned.  His range is amazing.  He does these wonderful modern art mash-up tributes to franchises like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.  He also does very clever posters for recent landmark video games (I also love the collection of  the greatest weapons in video game history).  He ALSO can pull off some of the most gorgeous portraits of Wonder Woman and the Birds of Prey that put me in mind of David Mack and of the very best of the Fables covers over the year.  If I had wall space and money, I would have bought several of his prints, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.  You can visit his website by clicking here and his store by clicking here.  Prints are mostly $15 and that’s just robbery for some thing as cool as these.

Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles il_fullxfull.584074692_g417 Huntress, Helena Bertenelli Wonder Woman Bayonetta Hitman, Agent 47 Wicked il_fullxfull.390861206_jvl8 Tomb Raider, Lara Croft Birds of Prey, Huntress, Oracle, Black Canary Princess Peach Jurassic Park Mass Effect Star Wars Harry Potter The Lord of the Rings Video Game Weapons

POLL: What Was the Best Film of 2014?

IT IS TIME!  The Killing Time Community must now perform its most solemn duty of the year: choosing what film they will endorse as Movie of the Year.  This is the 3rd Annual award, with The Dark Knight Rises and Gravity taking honors in 2013 and 2014, respectively.  What movie will receive the coveted golden stabbed watch statue (commonly known as “the Stabby”) this year and all the prestige and fanfare that comes with the honor?  You will choose.  I’ll vote once just like any other member, but the readers decide this award.  I do my own personal awards in a different forum, but that’s just one man’s opinion.  This is the endorsement of the readers.

You’ll note there are 20 films to choose from, and I know that’s a lot, but this is the formula I used to select the nominees:
1. All eight Academy Award Best Picture nominees
2. My personal top eight films
3. Top 4 highest grossing films that didn’t make it on to the first two lists (so that’s why Transformers is there; that’s OUR bad).

I hope this gives you the variety you need to make your decision.  VOTE!   Please, if you read this site, voice your opinion on this one.  The poll will run until the Friday before Oscar Sunday, when we’ll unveil the 2015 Killing Time Movie of the Year!

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