Trailer Time: Jurassic World Trailer #2 (2015) PLUS THREE NEW POSTERS

While not quite as egregious as the second Terminator: Genisys trailer, the second trailer for Jurassic Park 4 gives away WAY WAY too much of its plot.  Now you can play shell games in the trailer with the plot when your movie is going to have a complex one (Chris Nolan is famous for doing this with his trailers and sucker punching viewers with preconceived notions).  However, this movie is about dinosaurs eating people.  The first film and novel had a clever plot to make that possible, but once we have the dinos and the humans together…..really all we want to see is dinos eating chubby tourists.  So why Universal did the same boneheaded thing FOX did and give away pretty much their whole plot just boggles my mind.

Honestly, and this is no good for my page stats, but if I were you, I’d skip this trailer.  You know if you’re going to see this or not already and this does nothing to change that.  I wish I didn’t have to watch them to write these pieces, but my advice would be to just go watch some human munching and decide how good the film is with the information you already have when it opens on June 12, 2015.  Also released over the weekend were three new promo posters for the film featuring Jessica Chastain and a large set of chompers, Chris Pratt and his trained velociraptor squad and the gigantic, alligator-like Mossasaurus.

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Trailer Time: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Trailer #1 (2015 – Disney XD) *Ahsoka is Back and So is Her Fallen Master*

Because I’m not a regular viewer of Disney XD, I decided to wait for Star Wars: Rebels to come out on blu ray.  That being said, I’ve heard nothing but good things, and this trailer (which as far as I know is the last one to come out of 2015’s Star Wars Celebration and I don’t know if we geeks can handle much more awesome at this point) promises the second season will lock the series in line with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  The trailer features the return of an adult Ahsoka Tano (Anakin’s apprentice whose fate was left in limbo at the end of Clone Wars), and it looks like her fallen master will be nipping at the heels of our heroes himself from this point forward.  Season two will premiere later this year on Disney XD and I’d anticipate a season one release date for blu ray soon.
Star Wars, STar Wars: Rebels, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker

Trailer Time: Star Wars Battlefront (2015) *Boba Fett’s Death is Fixed!*

Not only were Star Wars fans treated to ANOTHER fantastic taste of things to come as the franchise’s relaunch under Disney commences this year, but a little piece of important Star Wars news was back-doored into the announcement teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront.  The video game continues the series that was one of the most popular video games the franchise has ever spawned, but in this new Extended Star Wars Universe, all comics, novels, video games, TV series and movies are all canon.

The old EU long-ago fixed one of the worst “deaths” in film history: that of Boba Fett’s sudden dunk into the Sarlacc Pit.  This game shows the beloved bounty hunter fighting in a piece of free downloadable content that is specifically mentioned as taking place after Return of the Jedi.  So not only are we being shown a fantastic game, but Disney feeds the fans even more good news by quietly fixing a huge flaw.  Get Han shooting first and that musical number the FRICK out of Jabba’s Palace and I’ll be dancing on the moon.  Read full details on the DLC and the game itself below.

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Trailer TIme: Star Wars Anthology – Rogue One (2016) *PLOT DETAILS FOR THE FIRST STAR WARS SPIN-OFF*

Capping the biggest weekend of Star Wars news and trailers in over a decade was the release of the teaser trailer for the first-ever non-episodic Star Wars film. Gareth Edwards, director of Star Wars: Rogue One, confirmed the rumor that the movie will be a heist film centered around the mission that stole the plans for the first Death Star. This isn’t an official release, so try to get a look in case it gets taken down, but it’ll get you excited for more than just Episode VII to come.

“A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans in Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One.”

Academy Award Nominee Felicity Jones has already been cast as the lead, and will play one of the resistance fighters. I’d expect more casting announcements to follow shortly. The spin-off films will officially be referred to as “Anthology” films to differenciate them from the regular “Episode” installments. Star Wars: Rogue One is set to open Christmas 2016.

Fantastic Star Wars Episode VII Promo Art Featuring Kylo Ren and the New Stormtroopers

Alongside the slew of astoundingly fantastic things that have been stunning Star Wars fans into a kind of stupidly giddy delirium this week are this promotional posters featuring the new Stormtrooper design and Kylo Ren (cross lightsaber guy).  I think it’s interesting he has no “Darth” title.  Is he our new Vader (since he may be keeping the old Vader’s head as brick-a-brack)?  I think it’s more likely he’s a “phantom menace” (sorry, sorry) and the real evil is yet to come and we’re being distracted by an awesome character design.  Drink these in and decide which is your computer wallpaper until the next time Disney issues a press release.


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