75 Years of Batman Short by Bruce Timm & Darwyn Cooke from WonderCon

Premiering at WonderCon is this amazing short animated by Darwyn Cooke, written by Bruce Timm.  It brings Batman and Batman Beyond together and unites the best of the voice and writing talent behind Batman Beyond and Batman The Animated Series: two of the best showcases for the character in its 75 years of existence.  Enjoy and Happy Easter!

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Beautiful Dark Knight Trilogy Posters by Doaly

Today’s awesome Dark Knight Trilogy art comes from artist Doaly, who talks below about the inspiration for these three posters.  They’re not for sale yet, but there are tons of fantastic movie posters in this vein available at the artist’s website: http://society6.com/doaly.

“I wanted the posters to be based on the monologues of the three films which chart the character’s progression as he comes full circle.  
It’s taken a while but I’m happy to finally be able to post the full set of The Dark Knight Noir Trilogy Poster Set together, I hope everyone likes it as much fun it was to create.”
Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Arkham Origins, Mr. Freeze

Batman Arkham Origins: “Cold, Cold Heart” DLC Achievements Unveiled. DLC Releases 4/22/14!

Batman Arkham Origins

Premiering April 22nd, Cold Cold Heart is a story-based batch of DLC that will show Victor Fries’ entry into the Batman Arkham world.  Unlike the main game, it looks like these achievements are actually achievable.  Can’t wait to play it!

Master Wayne (30 points)
Take no damage when playing as Bruce Wayne
Let it Snow (20 points)
Receive the Extreme Environment Suit (XE Suit)
Drilling for Justice (20 points)
Assemble the cryonucleation tunneller – the cyodrill
For Auld Lang Syne (40 points)
Stop Freeze and bring Boyle to justice
Breaking the Ice (25 points)
Free all the civilians frozen in cryogenic ice
Down with the Revolution (25 points)
Stop Anarky thug operations in South Gotham
Snowjob (20 points)
Get 3 enemies frozen in one attack
Stalact-tactician (20 points)
Takedown 2 enemies with one stalactite
Come Out of the Cold (20 points)
Perform 3 ice wall takedowns

Batman Arkham Origins, Batman

dragon, dragons, Game of Thrones

Wonder How Big Those Dragons in Game of Thrones are Going to Get?

dragon, dragons, Game of Thrones
So if you were wondering just how big those three dragons of Dany’s could get in Game of Thrones, George RR Martin has a helpful visual aid for you. This painting comes from a book he’s working on (no, not book six because that would be silly) with some collaborators called “The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the World of Game of Thrones.” The book will tell the history of the world of Game of Thrones in detail and feature illustrations like this one showing Aegon Targaryen (an ancestor of Dany’s) riding his dragon, Balerion. The book is due out this fall and will help us through the season four to season five Game of Thrones drought (though not like BOOK SIX WOULD!). For a full description of the book click after the break, but you can imagine a dragon like this casting the type of shadow on King’s Landing that we saw in one of Bran’s visions last Sunday. Continue reading

Jersey Boys

Trailer Time: Jersey Boys (2014)

I fully admit that musicals are not my thing and I have not seen Jersey Boys in any incarnation.  My fascination with this project is that it is a broad way musical being directed by CLINT EASTWOOD.  I’m not always a fan of his end product, but Eastwood’s range and interests as a director have my full respect.  This is quite a reach for the Outlaw Josey Wells.  We’ll see how it works out when Jersey Boys opens on June 20, 2014.
Clint Eastwood, Jersey Boys


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