Nebraska, Bruce Dern

Movie Review: Nebraska (2013)

Nebraska, Bruce Dern, Will Forte

I was raised not to say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.  While I do not often follow this principle.  It dovetails nicely with Nebraska being such a colossally tedious, pointless and annoying exercise is indie self-aggrandizement that I won’t say anything.  Wait…I might have implied a few things there….

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Nebraska (2013)”

  1. Wow, really? I don’t agree with all of your opinions you blog about, but usually we’re on the same page. In this case, it’s not that we’re on different pages but it seems we are on completely different books. Nebraska wasn’t my favorite movie of the year but I enjoyed it from start to finish. I didn’t think there was a bad performance in the bunch and the by the end of the story I had an overwhelming urge to go have a beer with my dad.

    I saw the film in a packed theater and was distracted several times but the older couple behind me repeatedly asked, “what’d he say?”. I plan on rewatching in the next few weeks, with my second viewing I will definitely have an eye open for what you saw… But hopefully, for me, I won’t see it.


    1. Well I was too glib with my review (don’t try writing one at 4 am), but I honestly felt the film was the most boring and pointless slog I’ve had to endure in ages. For all the talk about Bruce Dern’s amazing performance, most of it consisted of staring blankly at things and going “what” “huh” “I dunno” or “grunt”. Will Forte is not a dramatic actor. I guess a lot of people found June Squibb endearing. I found her a compelling reason for Bruce Dern’s character to drink a lot. It all seemed pointless. But if you got that out of the film and it connected you with your dad, that’s awesome. People bring their own stuff to art and that’s why they see it differently and I’m gld someone got a positive experience out of the film; truly.


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