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Trailer Time: Thor Ragnarok Trailer #1 (2017) *Beaten, Broken, and Banished*

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Thor and Hulk.  The former left on a quest to discover what was going on with the Infinity Gems (as we know Thanos is collecting them for his gauntlet), and Hulk flew off in the Quinjet after Black Widow broke his big, green heart.  Thor 3, entitled Thor: Ragnarok, returns us to Asgard and it is a changed place indeed.  Loki deposed Odin at the end of Thor: The Dark World, and it seems he’s lost his own place to Hela (Cate Blanchett), the Queen of the Norse Underworld.  If Marvel has a consistent criticism it’s that it has focused on its heroes nearly to the exclusion of developing iconic villains (Loki aside).  Hela is on a very different level of power than Loki or Malekith and she demonstrates that about 20 seconds into this awesome first look at the Marvel fall film.

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Doctor Strange Blu Ray Release Date and Special Features!!!

Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange was one of the roughly seventy blockbusters Disney released last year, continuing the most successful movie franchise of all-time with MCU installment #14, and introducing a very powerful new character into the mix.  Benedict Cumberbatch will be reprising the good Doctor in November’s Thor: Ragnarok, but you can get your Strange fix in February when the Blu Ray releases with a mess o’ special features (The one I most want to see is the continuing adventures of Thor and Kevin in Australia).  Read below for Coming Soon’s detailing of what goodness awaits those who journey within the mystic blu ray box. Continue reading Doctor Strange Blu Ray Release Date and Special Features!!!

Trailer Time: Sherlock Season 4 Trailer#2 (BBC – 2017)

Sherlock Season 4 will premiere on the BBC January 1, 2017, with the first new episode since the 2015 Christmas Special.  The season premiere, entitled “The Six Thatchers”, is almost certainly a play on the original Conan Doyle story “The Six Napoleons” and will find Dr. Watson and his wife preparing for the arrival of their first child (and undoubtedly Sherlock trying to find some way to cope with that).  The fourth season will, as its predecessors, have three feature-length episodes, and will be available on Blu Ray January 24, 2017.  It’s so long between visits, but it’s always worth catching up with Holmes and Watson again.
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Doctor Strange’s End Credits Scenes: What do they Mean for the MCU?


I was going to provide an in-depth analysis of the two end credits scenes from Doctor Strange…..but Looper had already done it.  Doctor Strange itself made it clear that the Eye of Agamotto is the Time Gem and the fifth of the six gems that Thanos is looking to fill the Infinity Gauntlet.  Most likely, we’ll find out the last one either in Guardians Volume 2 or Thor: Ragnarok next year.  Speaking of Thor 3, the first end credits sequence brings the return of the Odinson for the first time since Age of Ultron and is a great set-up for that film, which we now know will see the return of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.  The scene also implies that Odin is still alive, a plot thread left nebulous since the final scene of Thor: The Dark World.

Doctor Strange, Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch

Oh Mordo, you just aren’t very bendy, are you?  The inflexible and disillusioned Baron Mordo is clearly set up as the bad guy for the second Doctor Strange film, which will most likely happen in 2020’s Phase Four post-Infinity War.  What is clear from both scenes is that Doctor Strange is here to stay as a major player in the MCU’s future.
Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Strange

Top 5: Doctor Strange Graphic Novels (To Continue Your Magical Education)

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So you’ve gone to the Strange side with the good Doctor and his amazing new origin movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch (click here for my review), and you’re looking to the comics for vintage strange.  Well, there’s good news and bad: the good is that this is a great time to hop on board a classic run in the making with Jason Aaron’s take on Strange.  The bad news is that, though the character has decades of appearances in his own magazine and with both the Defenders (in the comics the Defenders aren’t the Netflix heroes of Hell’s Kitchen but an ad hoc team featuring Strange, Hulk, Hercules, and others) and the Avengers, there are very few CLASSIC Dr. Strange runs.  Over the years, Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, Roger Stern, and mor recently Brian K. Vaughn and Jason Aaron have put together great runs with The Sorcerer Supreme, but it’s definitely harder to find a great Strange graphic novel than, say, an easy hop-on point with Spider-Man.  For that reason, I have weighed my top 5 with the two most recent entries, one is the first collection in Strange’s current run, and the other is a fantastic standalone story that really captured everything great about the character. Continue reading Top 5: Doctor Strange Graphic Novels (To Continue Your Magical Education)