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My Favorite Scene: Captain America – Civil War (2016) *Avenger Airport Throwdown”

When I was a little kid, Marvel had just put out their Secret Wars action figure line, and my mom got me a bunch of them.  I would have epic battles spanning the basement between heroes and villains and heroes and heroes and heroes and the occasional He-Man figure who wandered by much to their regret.  It’s that kind of childlike super hero glee that fills you watching the airport battle in Captain America: Civil War. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Captain America – Civil War (2016) *Avenger Airport Throwdown”

Best of the MCU Super Cut Trailer

If you’re not following CLS Videos on YouTube, you’re missing out on some truly fantastic supercuts.  Today, in honor of Captain America: Civil War hitting stores, we offer up CLS’ supercut of the best of the MCU.  This seven minute trailer incorporates, I believe, every character in the MCU introduced to-date, including some from Doctor Strange (which won’t even open until November.  It’s a celebration of all Marvel Studios has done to create this shared cinematic universe and bring to the screen something Marvel fans have loved about the comics for decades. From Issue #1 (Iron Man) to the upcoming issue #14 (Dr. Strange), here’s the very best of the MCU.

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80 HD Screenshots from Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 (Including SPIDEY!)

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The Road to Captain America: Civil War (Amazing Super Cut!)

The MCU Exchange has put together a fantastic super cut trailer that shows how the plot lines that will explode in Captain America: Civil War have been slowly converging over the course of the first two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It’s a fantastic tribute, really, to the plotting and pre-planning that has made the MCU such a success and the lack of it has caused the DC Cinematic Universe to barely get off the ground.  There are just as many pieces in play in Captain America: Civil War as there are in Batman vs. Superman, if not more.  However, I’m not worried at all about Civil War, and I’m dreading BvS.

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The Russo Brothers have proven themselves with Cap 2, and the MCU has proven itself time and again.  I hear a lot of blowback on Age of Ultron online, but the movie was good.  Was it the best MCU film?  No.  Do you realize how high that bar is now?  AOU, I think was wrongly anticipated to be a climax like the first Avengers film was.  In reality, it was much more like Iron Man 2 in that it established several other movies, moved the story along and served as a pivot.  I think Civil War is actually the movie that people thought AOU was going to be, because this is the one that will change things forever.  I know that’s tried and true comic book hype, but it’s accurate.  The MCU as we know it will cease to exist after Civil War hits on May 3, 2016.
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Top 5: Avengers Most Likely to Die in Civil War

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War is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we are months away from the next installment in the series – Captain America: Civil War.  In case you haven’t attended a movie within the last six months, here’s the trailer to get you to speed:

There WILL be casualties in Civil War.  We know this from Marvel and we know that multiple death scenes have been filmed with multiple characters to keep us all confused.  That being said, I think there will be a huge death, and probably a supporting character death in the film.  The supporting character cast at Marvel is so large know that you could speculate endlessly (though my money would be on William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross unless they plan on bringing the Red Hulk into the MCU any time soon).  If you have not read the graphic novel, or know nothing about the story, this is going to get spoilery, so bail. Last warning.  Here are my top 5 most likely candidates for a big death: Continue reading Top 5: Avengers Most Likely to Die in Civil War