My Favorite Scene: Tropic Thunder (2008) “Sgt. Lincoln Osiris: I’m A Dude!!!”

Though it’s not the home run I wanted it to be, Tropic Thunder is easily one of the best comedies of the last decade.  The cast is astounding, and Ben Stiller (who directed and starred in the film) got everyone in the cast to mercilessly mock their own public personas either through thinly veiled self-parody (Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey, Nick Nolte), doing something so outrageously against the normal grain of their career (Tom Crusie’s unrecognizable bald, pot-bellied studio executive), or by handing Robert Downey Jr. the keys to the greatest comedic character of this century: Kirk Lazarus/Sgt. Lincoln Osiris. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Tropic Thunder (2008) “Sgt. Lincoln Osiris: I’m A Dude!!!”

Pete’s Dragon Blu Ray Release Date and Special Features

Walt Disney Home Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray release of director David Lowery’s Pete’s Dragon (2016), a reimagining of Disney’s cherished 2012 original that centers on an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon. The new family film stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley, Robert Redford, Karl Urban, Oona Laurence and Isiah Whitlock Jr., and arrives on Blu-ray on November 29th.

Families will be captivated by this magical movie followed by never-before-seen bonus features, including a revealing look at director David Lowery’s personal diary kept during the filming of Pete’s Dragon, the design process behind the lovable dragon Elliot, deleted scenes, a tour of the film’s breathtaking production location of New Zealand, audio commentary by filmmakers and actors and hilarious bloopers.

Pete’s Dragon stars Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) as Grace, a forest ranger in the Pacific Northwest who happens upon 10-year-old Pete, played by Oakes Fegley (This is Where I Leave You). Oona Laurence (Southpaw) is Natalie, the 11-year-old daughter of Jack, a lumber-mill owner played by Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games). Karl Urban (Star Trek) is Jack’s bumbling brother Gavin and Oscar-winner Robert Redford (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) portrays Mr. Meacham, an old wood carver who delights the local children with tales of a fierce dragon.

The film is directed by David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) from a screenplay by Lowery & Toby Halbrooks based on a screenplay by Malcolm Marmorstein and produced by Jim Whitaker, p.g.a. (The Finest Hours), with Barrie M. Osborne (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) serving as executive producer.

Writer/director Lowery reveals, “I look back on childhood as an adventure, and I wanted to capture that on screen in the smallest—but also the biggest—way.” The big—the creation of an irresistible 24-foot tall, green, furry dragon that can breathe fire and turn invisible—is brilliantly tackled by the team at the Academy Award-winning visual effects company Weta Digital (The Hobbit films and The Lord of the Rings trilogy). But it’s the small moments between characters that so beautifully convey the film’s powerful message: the importance of friendship, family and finding one’s place in the world.

Pete’s Dragon is presented in 1080p with DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround. Extras include:
Continue reading Pete’s Dragon Blu Ray Release Date and Special Features

Kylo Ren Reacts to Rogue One Trailers and Goes on Undercover Boss!!!

Image result for kylo ren reacts to rogue one trailers

One of the great things about Star Wars is it has the ability to take itself extremely seriously, but at the same time, viciously parody itself out of love.  After watching Kylo Ren execute one of the most beloved characters in film history, you’d think there could be nothing funny about him, but Auralnauts and SNL beg to differ.  Auralnauts has put together two videos in which an actor (who is either secretly Adam Driver or doing an amazing impression with vocal filters) reacts to the upcoming promos for the film from “his grandfather’s” glory days.  Also included is a sketch from when Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live last season and absolutely killed in a skit where Kylo Ren participates in the boss/employee switcheroo show: Undercover Boss.  Watch and enjoy the humor of the DARK SIDE!!!

Rogue One Trailer #2 Picture Gallery: 70 HD Images from the Trailer!!!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Death Star

Now that you’ve watched the third and final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a couple hundred times, it’s time to start dissecting the best shots from the trailer.  There are actually THREE Vader appearances in the trailer once you break it down, and a slew of the gorgeous imagery we have come to expect from the prior trailer.  Here are almost 70 HD Stills for you to rotate as your desktop wallpaper and blow up and examine with a magnifying glass for hidden meaning.  Rogue One: a Star Wars Story opens 2 months from TOMORROW!!! Continue reading Rogue One Trailer #2 Picture Gallery: 70 HD Images from the Trailer!!!

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Battlefield 1 (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

Call of Duty continues to be the king of shooter franchises, but, honestly, I don’t hear many people that excited about it anymore.  I think the decision they’ve made to keep going into the future is a misstep, because the best installments of these have been built on history, going back to when Medal of Honor started this trend.  Battlefield is taking a step back in history, exploring the little-explored World War I era for this year’s installment and it looks pretty stellar.  It’s never about the campaign, which is more interesting to me, but the multiplayer, in which I have little interest, but I know that’s me in the minority.  Battlefield 1 releases for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on October 21, 2016.  Achievement List below courtesy of the Web’s best site for cheevo needs: Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Battlefield 1 (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

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