Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man

My Favorite Scene: The Amazing Spider-Man (2011) – “Bridge Rescue”

I was not a fan of Marc Webb’s reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man when it released three years ago.  To me, we were just going over a lot of old ground, the Lizard wasn’t a very compelling villain, but I thought the cast was much better.  I gave it another chance recently and found myself really, really liking it.  Maybe it’s because I’d put the Raimi trilogy behind me and just looked at it as the first Spider-Man movie I’d seen.Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker
The cast is just so much better in these films.  Maguire and Dunst never had any chemistry and I think were miscast.  Aunt May was way too old.  The Green Goblin WORE ARMOR!  Ok, deep breaths, deep breaths.  My point is, I’d give it another try if you felt like it was a retread three years ago and you might be surprised at how you feel.  Is it perfect?  Oh no.  But I think it’s the second best Spidey movie we’ve gotten so far.

The highlight of the film is the amazing bridge rescue sequence with Peter webbing cars left and right to keep them from going into the water and then saving a child using both his powers and his mask.  It’s a fantastically choreographed action sequence and a fitting end to our four-week Spidey retrospective in “My Favorite Scene”.

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